Fall Back Foods (& Link Up)

Back when I was expecting Meg, there were many days months when I didn’t feel like cooking. I had wiped out our freezer meals. Menu planning was fruitless. If I thought of a meal for more than a little while, by the time it was ready to eat I couldn’t stomach it.

Unless we had fish. Fish always sounded good. At first I held out. We were in our last year of law school and fish isn’t exactly the most thrifty option.

Grilled salmon and onions with rice. Ladies, a grill is one of the best presents you could ever get a man! 

But some nights I just couldn’t bring myself to cook, so Joshua sweetly picked up something for dinner.

And then I had a frugal aha moment: fish may be more expensive than beans and rice, but (if you buy it on sale/at Aldi) it’s still cheaper than fast food*! And ever so much yummier and healthier! So fish became my fall back food.

Now that I’ve had my baby, fall back foods are still my friend. Somedays we’re crazy busy. Somedays we’re not feeling great. Somedays “life” just happens.

Having a few meals that you can fall back on in a pinch makes life so much easier. It doesn’t have to be fish. Just something really easy to prepare that your family loves.

*For our family of (then) four, it cost about $10 to buy a cheap fast food meal. The grilled salmon pictured costs about $7.50 (1 lb wild-caught salmon at Aldi, $4.50; brown rice, 50¢; 2 onions, 50¢; seasonings & lime zest, 50¢; a simple salad, $1.50)


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