Assemble a Natural Remedy Closet, October’s Additions

I was tempted to just wait and share my additions at the end of this month (since we’re already a whole week into November!) but better sorta late than really late, right?

I finally took the time to get the shelves with all my herbs and remedies organized. Guess what I realized we were completely out of? Echinacea.

That made it to priority position on my list, especially since we had a cold threatening!

Echinacea purpurea, from The Bulk Herb Store

Previous purchases:

January: $16.73
February: $10.22
March: $18.93
April $24.19
September $17.74
Total to date: $87.81

October’s additions to my natural remedy closet

Echinacea tincture (1 oz.), $7.49

I really, really wanted to make my own tincture this time, but since a cold was threatening, I didn’t want to wait even three days to make a glycerin tincture. So I just bought a tincture at the health food store. Next time we’re getting close to low, I want to make my own. (Doesn’t it sound fun?)

Liquid Melatonin, $5.99

I have trouble falling asleep at night. I always have. Exercising in the morning helps. So does purposing to relax (instead of making tomorrow’s to-do-lists)! But sometimes I still have trouble falling asleep.

My two favorite sleep-aids are valerian and melatonin. Valerian is calming herb (you can buy a tincture or make your own with dried valerian root.)

Melatonin is actually a hormone your body makes to regulate your sleep cycle. When we’ve gotten into a bad sleep schedule, I really find it helpful to get me back on track.

Elderberries, $9.10

I kinda think I ought to grow an elderberry bush with how much I love this stuff! I usually just steep the berries and make it into a mild berry tea. Plus, unlike echinacea, which shouldn’t be taken long-term continuously, you can drink elderberry tea regularly.

Funny fact. One of my children loves elderberry tea. Another loves the echinacea tincture (which is nasty!) but not this mild tea. And the other would way rather have honey and garlic than either other remedy. Thankfully, they’re all pretty effective!

What are your favorite remedies? Do your kids like them?

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  1. Vanessa says

    I just started using elderberry syrup this fall. It has been an incredible blessing for our older son who started school last year and was constantly fighting colds and ended up with pneumonia last winter. He has only had one short cold so far this school year! Even though the elderberry syrup has worked miracles here, it was quite a shock to see the price for the first time! I just picked up some dried elderberries at our local health food store and I’m going to try to make a syrup at home. We’re not big fans of tea here, but I might try the tea too.

    Thanks for sharing all your home remedies. It has been really helpful to find some alternatives to conventional medicines that only mask the symptoms.

    • anna says

      That’s so wonderful!

      Yes, I think the price has really risen this year on elderberries. You may already have a good tutorial, but my friend Jill did a video tutorial for making elderberry syrup. I keep thinking I’ll try it, but just make the tea instead.

      Thanks so much for stopping by!

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