Habit Updates and November’s Challenge

Want a peak into our home about thirty minutes before we need to get somewhere?

9:30 “Kids, we need to leave soon. Time to clean up the schoolroom,” I say, and then hurry through the house, making sure the floors are tidied and the laundry is put away.

9:40 After stepping on at least twenty crumbs in the kitchen, I decide I simply can’t leave before sweeping.

9:43 As I sweep, I notice a couple icky spots on the floor. Ugh! Those spots really need to be wiped. So, I grab a rag and wipe them up.

9:45 “Oh no! Kids, we’ve got to get there in fifteen minutes,” I realize.  “Run to the bathroom and get your shoes on.”

9:48 “Mama, I can’t find my shoes!” Will says. I find them and put them on. Then take him to the bathroom.

9:50 “Rose, those shoes really don’t match,” I notice. “Run put the brown ones on.”

9:51 While she hurries to change shoes, I buckle the other kids in the van.

9:53 Kids are buckled and I get in the van, but realize my phone isn’t in my purse. Where could it be? I wonder, as I race back inside. I finally find it, in the kids’ room.

9:55 Dashing back to the van, we head off. We need to be there in five minutes, but it’s ten minutes away.

10:05 We pull up to the location. I get the kids unbuckled and out of the van. We walk inside.

10:10 We arrive. Ten minutes late and out of breath.

October Update: “Be on Time!” 

(Is the fact that this habit update is two days late, mean that I utterly failed October’s habit challenge: be on time? Hopefully not!)

How did I do this month? Better. I’ve consciously tried to be on time. I’ve looked up directions to see how long it will take, before leaving. I really focused on pushing our get-out-of-the-house pattern back a few minutes.

And, we have actually started getting places closer and closer to on time this month. We even managed to be early once (and a couple times, we would might have, but circumstances were out of my control.)

But notice how crazy our get-out-of-the-house routine is? It wasn’t until reading this post, Why You Should Get It Done Early, that I realized the problem that was staring me in the face: I was trying to cram in all sorts of other projects before getting ready to walk out the door. 

One Habit a Month: November

So what do I need to work on in November? Yep! Get ready first. And once the children and I are completely ready, if there’s plenty of time to spare, I can sweep the dirty floor.

Children’s Habit Update

I’m simply loving working on one habit at a time with the children. It’s so much easier and more fruitful than trying to instill twenty good habits at the same time!

This past month, we focused on developing a good bathroom routine. They have done so well. At first, Rose would say to herself, “Do the five things. Shut the lid, flush the toilet, wash my hands, turn off the light and shut the door.” Now, she generally just does it. Will also remembers well.

I’ve had to remind them occasionally, but it’s so nice to have it be something they generally just do. With no nagging from me.

One Children’s Habit a Month: November

Isn’t it so wonderful when a child looks you in the eyes and answers your question audibly and politely?

Rose and Will do a good job at home (for the most part) but when we’re out and about, it gets more difficult.  That’s what we’re going to work on this month!

What about you? Have you been working on a new habit? How is it going? 


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