Preserving Fall Foods (& Link Up)

Preserving food has always held a fun fascination for me. Maybe it’s because the “Little House on the Prairie” was my favorite read-a-loud series as a child.

Rose and Will love the series as much as I do. And are just as excited about preserving food. “Is this for winter?” Will repeatedly asks.

Dried apples are probably the kids’ favorite. Rose loves arranging them on the dehydrator as I cut them and Will asked at least a dozen times if he could have “just one more.”

Applesauce has long been a family fall tradition. I have many fond memories of a house filled with apples that we turned into sauce.

Avocados are a new one for me. But, when they’re on sale for 20 cents at Aldi, it’s almost impossible to not want to store them. Just mash the avocado, mix in some lemon or lime juice, and freeze. Thaw for guacamole dip year round.

Pumpkin. The word pretty much means “fall.” I love the look and smell and taste. After I cut up the pumpkin, Rose carefully sorted out every last seed so she could make pumpkin seeds “for the winter.” (I’m afraid they didn’t last nearly that long!)

What about you? Do you like preserving food? 


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  1. says

    I had never thought to preserve avacadoes like that! I’m going to have to try it. It would be so nice to have yummy avacadoes to eat throughout the winter.

    • anna says

      This was my first time to try and we just had guacamole dip a couple nights ago made from frozen avocado. It turned out great… I’m so excited!

  2. says

    I like dried apples too, Will. 🙂 And I love frozen applesauce. Not being a fan of guacamole, I think I’ll skip the avocados. It’s funny, no one if my family likes them.

  3. says

    We love to freeze applesauce! Do you have a good food processor to make it nice and smooth? I can never quite get all the lumps out of mine 🙂


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