October’s Habit: Be on Time (and an Update)

Can it really be three months since I last posted a habit update? I knew that moving would take time, but I really didn’t think it would take this long to finally feel fully settled and back into the swing of things.

Not that I have pictures on the walls yet, but I feel settled. Boxes are unpacked, life has settled into a nice rhythm, we’ve started school, and we’ve even broken the house in with our first round of stomach flu. Yep, it’s definitely home now.

Anyway, back to the habits. My habit for July was to work on proper posture. This one is going to be an ongoing struggle for me, but really focusing on it has helped so much. I don’t have to remind myself 35 times a day to stand up straight. Only 8 times a day.

(That’s good progress, right?)

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For October, my goal is to be on time.

Yep friends, you heard me. Anna is going to [try to] be on time!

I’ve been trying, really I have. But not quite hard enough. I’ve realized that if you want to arrive on time with three little ones, you have to plan to leave in time to get three little ones out of the van and inside. Which, ahem, means getting places a few minutes early.

So, that’s my goal this month.

Kids habit of the month

Do you ever feel like you remind your child to clean up the same toys, set the table properly, or practice proper bathroom etiquette every single day? I do!

And it really oughtn’t be necessary. So, I’m going to start working on “kid habits” with my children.

This month’s habit was inspired by a scary news story of an infant that fell into a toilet. Teaching them to properly close the seat and door could save us from icky scrapes down the road!

So, we’ll be working on bathroom etiquette, broken up into five simple steps: 1. shut toilet lid; 2. flush toilet; 3. wash your hands; 4. turn off the light; 5. shut the door.

This shouldn’t be too terribly hard. I hope! 😉

What about you? Are you (or your children) working on any new habits this month? 

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    Good for you, Anna! Being on time is important. We were always told when we taught Children’s Institutes that if you were on time you were late, but if you were five minutes early, then you were on time. Maybe if you aimed to arrive five minutes early you would end up being on time. 😉

    I love your idea of teaching your children good habits too. And if you can focus on one thing or set of things each month it should be easier for them to remember.

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