Why Not to Take Unisom at Midnight (and Thrifty Thursday)

Well, I am about three hours late getting the Thrifty Thursday link up. So sorry!

I had a headache threatening all yesterday afternoon and evening, but didn’t make it to bed until nearly midnight. I was afraid that I might be too tired to fall asleep, so I decided to take half a Unisom (sleeping pill).

It worked.

I had no difficulty at all falling asleep.

But, I was planning to get up nice and early to help Joshua get ready for work and blog. I even told him I could cut his hair in the morning.

Well, at 6:30 I was still in bed. Joshua gently asked if I could still cut his hair.

I mumbled something and stumbled downstairs. After spending five minutes shakily trimming the back of his neck, we both decided me trimming the rest of his hair was not a very brilliant idea.

I made it back to bed (which was fairly impressive) and soon was sound asleep again. My sweet munchkins must have been up for a while playing quietly, but I didn’t regain consciousness until nearly 9:00.

So, what’s the moral of all this? If you want to get up early, don’t take a Unisom at midnight.

It’s not even a thrifty moral, but will have to do. Thanks so much for linking up with Jenn and me once again!


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