Educational Chants, Songs, and Ditties

It’s an irrefutable fact: Children learn quickly. It’s so much easier for a child to learn a new language or memorize facts than for an adult.

That is one of the reasons why classical education focuses so much on memorization at the early stages of education.

Thanks to moving, painting, settling in, a trip to England, and more unpacking, we are getting  a late start on school this year. (Thankfully, formal school isn’t absolutely necessary at five!)

I really want to capitalize on my children’s ability to memorize quickly by teaching them basic facts from history, science and geography that they can later unpack and really understand.

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We are already working on Bible memory and poetry though, and didn’t want to spend hours drilling in facts for every single subject. Music and chants helps so much, but I’m not musical.

Enter YouTube.

A few minutes (okay, more like a few hours) on YouTube later, I’m armed with a fun list of chants, ditties and songs to help her learn the kings and queens of England, the State and their capitols, the countries of the world, presidents and so much more.

I got so excited that I thought I better share a few of my favorites with you! (Non-American readers, sorry, my American-ness is certainly showing!)


44 U.S. Presidents 

The Kings and  Queens of England  #1 (Too graphic for small children, though I really like the major historical facts that are added.)

The Kings and Queens of England # 2 (Some of the names are shortened — Hank, Chuck, Jimmy)


50 States that rhyme (I stop it before the credits)

50 States and Capitals

Nations of the World 


Periodical Table

Animal Classification 


Days of the Week (not a big fan of the video itself, but we sing the tune often! It’s really helped Will, 3, learn the days of the week.)

Of course, this list just barely scratches the surface of all that’s out there! But at least it’s a start, right? And the kids just love listening to the songs!

Do you use songs or chants to help your children learn important facts? What are some of your favorites? 

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  1. says

    When my children were little I loved the “Hide em in Your Heart” Cd’s for listening to in the car. They put scripture to song in a way that both parents and kids will love. As they got older I love the CD’s by Kathy Troxel that go over adding, subtracting, multiplication, division, geography, history and more.

  2. says

    I can still sing all 50 states in alphabetical order thanks to learning them in song when I was about 10. (Proof that older ones can still memorize just as well.)

  3. says

    Just don’t forget to let the kiddos “live” (as Pollyanna would say). 🙂 Let them play, imagine, pretend, explore, let them be children.
    (Advice from my mom 😉 )

    • anna says

      Tell her not to worry, the munchkins have spent at least as much time playing in the mud than “doing school” this week! 🙂

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