Our Trip to Lovely London

I told you last week [in the post where I revealed I could’t spell “peEk”] that Joshua took me to London.

It was absolutely amazing!

I’d only wanted to visit England since I was about six. The more I studied history and literature, the more I wanted to visit England.

We’d considered going for our honeymoon, but decided to wait. Then we had a baby right before our first anniversary, then moved, then had another baby… We finally decided we’d better go now or we’d probably wait another 20 years. It was kind of crazy, but I am SO glad we did.

We were only in England for a week, but got to see and experience so much. And enjoyed such a wonderful, relaxing time before the busyness of Joshua’s new job arrived.

We spent the first day in London mostly just walking around and soaking in the sights. Then we took the train to Stratford-upon-Avon for a few days.

Lovely Avon river that runs through Shakespeare’s birthplace, where we enjoyed a picnic lunch

On our sixth anniversary, we visited the church where Shakespeare was baptized and buried for a surprisingly good service. The sweetest lady asked if we had moved there. When we said we were just visitors, she showed us all around the church… which was already old by the time Shakespeare was born!

Then we got on the train to visit Oxford. We ate at the Eagle and Child where Tolkien and Lewis met to discuss literature, then walked around for a while, but were disappointed by how touristy Oxford felt (which is totally hypocritical coming from tourists, I know.)

On our way to Oxford we noticed that one of the stops had a castle sign. So on our way back we asked a train conductor if we could just hop off and visit it. He shook his head in dismay and said, “You Americans always want to see England in day, but yeah, you can stop off if you really want to.”

So, we did. (But hoped he didn’t see us!)

A delightful last minute stop at Warrick Castle

It was totally worth adding to Americans impetuous reputation!

The castle was simply amazing. Walking up the winding tower staircases, sitting in the lovely church, and strolling through the gorgeous gardens made so many scenes come completely alive.

Plus, there’s nothing quite like touring a castle with your beloved to make for a delightful anniversary!

London Tower

We spent the last three days back in London touring major attractions and doing non-super-touristy things, like sitting in on a courtroom proceeding at the Old Bailey.

Outside the Globe Theatre, where we watched Henry V

I still can hardly believe we’ve been to London together, but I’ll treasure the memories forever!

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  1. says

    I have not been to England since high school graduation in 1992! (yep I am old) My favorites in London were Big Ben and all the pigeons and statues in the city square. I was amazed by the little taxi’s too that took us around on a tour of the city. I am so glad you got to go and see it for your own eyes, it is an amazing country with such a long deep history.

  2. says

    What a great trip! I haven’t been to England in over 10 years. My husband has returned a few times to visit with his family. We’ve never taken our children, but one day hope to. 🙂

  3. Johanna Hsu says

    How fun that you guys got to go to England! Aaron was in London this past summer on a working trip . . . I think the only place he managed to see was the Stonehenge. 😛

  4. Candace says

    Anna, first I have to say that third picture down I see nothing but Will when I look at Josh! Ha. Also, I can think of no one else more deserving of such a trip than the two of you. Maybe one day I can see the scrapbook!

  5. Amy R. says

    What a fun trip! I did a semester abroad in London and got to travel all around the Great Britain and Ireland. It really is a fun place to visit. It was funny because as I was scrolling down through your pictures I recognized the places I’d been right off and then saw your captions confirming the locations. Hope you have as many fond memories of this trip as I do of my time there!

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