A Peek at Our Summer

It’s been over a month since we said good-bye to our little home in Alabama and moved back near family.

So much has happened since then. So many changes. So many amazing memories.

Want to take a little peak?

We spent the last weeks in July packing our home and then the munchkins and I made the trip up to Missouri alone. Again. (Thankfully this time we didn’t meet any police men or have to take an hour long detour on forsaken dirt roads.)

Joshua had to stay and finish his work contract. I love moving and Joshua, well, let’s just say it’s one of his worst things, so it worked out well (except the missing him part.)

Right after closing on our new home, my family had a little weekend at the lake to celebrate my mom’s birthday. Despite dying to get into our new house to start painting, I had an awesome time! And the kids loved it.

Rose and Will loved their first intertube ride with Abba (Grandpa) and “Aunt” Kathryn

After a weekend of play we dived into painting.

Two things made this more involved than I’d planned. First, the trim was not white, like I originally thought, so we painted all the trim in the house. Or rather, my mom painted all the trim in the house with some help from the rest of us. Second, the seller had touched up the holes throughout the house with the wrong shade of paint. Which meant three times more painting.

But, thanks to lots of help from our families, the house was transformed within a week.

I absolutely love our red kitchen–and having more than 2 feet of counter space!

Then our stuff arrived (I wasn’t quite up to towing a van on the back of a moving truck. Especially not with three little ones. Joshua’s new employer graciously had it shipped for us.)

One of the nice things about having lived in a 650-square-foot home for four years, was that we were forced to constantly purge. It’s much easier to unpack when you don’t have that much stuff.

Two weeks after closing, Joshua was finally able to come see us… and his new home. Thankfully, he liked it.

Then we enjoyed a few relaxed days as a family before Joshua took me to England…

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  1. says

    I love your red kitchen!! It looks HUGE compared to the pictures of your old kitchen you’ve posted!! I’m so glad you have had so much family support during this busy change of the seasons in your life! We’ve missed you around here!

  2. says

    LOVE that you are back to MO! And I LOVE your kitchen!!!!! 😀 So big, so much counter space, so cheery. 🙂 Can I have just a few days with you this year? (Or what is left of it.) Or hours even? Haven’t seen you for a year. 🙁

  3. Jenni/Life from the Roof says

    I’m trying not to be jealous of your lovely kitchen 🙂 . . . I’m so glad that everything is coming together for you guys – new job, living close to family, etc. and can hardly wait to hear about the trip to England!

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