Of Phone Calls and Contracts

Two weeks ago, the munchkins and I made a ten hour trip back “home” to find a house to buy . After only two days of searching, we found the house I wanted to call “home”. 

We had just  gotten back to my family’s house to have dinner when the telephone rang.

It was the loan officer.

Despite getting the all-clear sign two weeks ago, something had come up. Even though Joshua had a written job offer, it just may not be possible to get a house before Joshua actually started his new job in September.

Uh oh.

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The rest of the evening I spent on the phone with Joshua, then the realtor, then Joshua, then the loan officer. The moment I took a break to eat a bite, the phone would ring again.

For three hours Joshua and I made phone calls and prayed. We talked to our parents again. Looked at numbers again. Made sure we weren’t just rushing into this because the thought of buying a home seemed exciting. Prayed some more.

Finally around 9:30, we had a good plan (and two back-up plans) and were ready to put an offer on the house. Only of course it was too late now for my father-in-law to inspect it. We’d have to wait until Saturday evening.

Saturday morning dragged by. The realtor and my father-in-law, Boyd, were both busy. Finally, right after dinner both were free. Boyd had over an hour drive, so while we waited we decided to look at one more home. Just to be sure, you know.

My brother and his wife are also looking for a home, so I asked if they wanted to join my mom and me. Then I asked a sister, then another sister and brother. Then one more sister.

I thought this one last house would simply confirm our decision, but it was surprisingly cute and well-kept. Now I was upset with myself for having looked in the first place. It made the decision much harder.

Boyd arrived and looked over the house. From a construction stand-point it looked sound.

Then we headed over to the other house. The whole way over I switched between stressing over the need for a decision and praying for God’s wisdom.

We arrived and all twelve of us piled out. We walked around the house again looking for any signs of damage but didn’t find any.

With my heart pounding we walked inside. Once again, an overwhelming sense of peace and home flooded me. Any thoughts of the last house we’d seen vanished. This was most definitely where I wanted to live.

Some of our house-hunting crew at 10:00 p.m.

Thankfully, it “passed” inspection. The rest of the family seconded my love for the home, my brother joked that he would try to outbid us, and my little sister even promised free babysitting if we bought this house. That definitely sealed the deal!

It was 10:00 p.m., but we decided to put an offer in right away (since Sunday is often the busiest day for showing houses.)

My sis Heidi and I headed over the realtor’s office, I signed an offer around 11:00, and Heidi and I finally got back to my parents’ home around midnight. Talk about a crazy night!

That wasn’t the end of our adventures, but I think I’ve dragged this story out long enough. The seller accepted our offer, we (finally) finalized loan details, spent a couple days relaxing with family and the kids and I headed home.

Thankfully, we didn’t meet any more police officers, but there was a major road block. A semi-truck full of hay caught fire on a bridge in the middle of nowhere (no one was hurt, thankfully!) and we had to make an hour-long detour on bumpy dirt roads.

We finally made it home: safe, sound and absolutely delighted to be back with Joshua.

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  1. says

    Wow! I love this story, Anna! God certainly had His hand guiding all those details. 🙂 Can’t wait to visit and see it for real!!!!!! 😀

  2. Kathy says

    Yay for happy endings!! You didn’t tell about the fun “extra” room God provided especially for Rosalind ;).

  3. heidi says

    You also didn’t apologize for the creepy wolf-eyes that some of us have at night. Just kidding.


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