House Hunting Adventure, Part 1

After an adventurous trip, the munchkins and I made it safely to my parents home to start our house hunt. Let the real fun begin!

When Joshua and I first started talking about buying a home instead of renting (since rental properties are so expensive back home!) we made a list of requirements. Our new home had to have

  • room for four chairs around a kitchen table
  • more than three feet of counter space
  • a hook-up for a dryer inside, preferably not in the kitchen
  • a shower without a window in it

Surprisingly enough, 99% of homes listed online met every single one of those requirements. So, we started to be more picky and tacked things like move-in-ready and space for an office onto our list. We spent hours looking at pictures, maps and descriptions of houses for sale. I left home armed with a list of houses to look at.

We arrived Wednesday evening and I was ready to start looking first thing Thursday morning. The morning dragged by as we waited for our appointment with the realtor. Finally it was time. My mom, sister and sister-in-law came with me to help look (and make it much more fun.)

We pulled up at the first home only to discover a “Sold” sign in the front yard.

The next home was on the corner of a very busy street. I quickly added not-on-a-busy-street-corner to our list of requirements. Based on that, our realtor was able to eliminate two or three more houses from our list.

I was really excited about the next home. The pictures looked so promising. We pulled onto the street and my heart sank. The driveway was perfect for a sledding hill, but we didn’t even dare pull the car into it. Another strike.

What about the next house? It wasn’t built yet. Not exactly sure where they came up with the pretty pictures posted online.

I was beginning to get nervous. We were plowing through our list of possibilities at an alarming rate. So far none of the homes we’d looked at were even remote possibilities. “God, please guide our steps!” I pleaded.

Then we decided to go look at a home we’d driven past. The pictures online were not very flattering, but it couldn’t get much worse than the houses we’d already looked at!

I stepped through the front door. It just felt like home.

A beautiful hardwood floor entryway led into a pefectly laid out home. The kitchen, dining area and living room opened into each other nicely without feeling like just one big room. Off to the side was a small carpeted “formal dining” room that would serve as the perfect schoolroom. (Not a requirement, but certainly a dream!) The bedrooms weren’t huge but, unlike many homes we’d looked at, all on the same floor. (Traipsing up a flight of stairs at 3 a.m. just doesn’t sound fun to me.)

I was ready to put an offer in right then.

However, since this was the only house that even would work, I thought maybe I was just jumping at the chance to sign papers and get back home. So, we decided to look at a few more homes on Friday before rushing to a decision.

We eliminated the home with the dead bird, the cheaply remodeled flipped home, and a way over-priced cookie-cutter home. That left two decent possibilites, but I kept comparing everything to the home we’d looked at the day before.

Joshua and I talked it over and were pretty confident that “that was it.” After dinner, my father-in-law was going to come do an informal inspection and (assuming all looked good) we’d make an offer.

Thrilled to my toes, I got back to my parent’s home happy, but exhausted.

Then the phone rang.

(to be continued) 

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  1. says

    Fun, fun. fun! My husband and I have moved every 2-3 years that we’ve been married because he was in the military. We have owned this house 4 years and bought it without ever having seen it in person. (Yikes!) About a year ago we got the itch to move but haven’t felt that could be a reality since we owe more than our home is worth. All that to say it’s fun to live through your experience vicariously!

  2. Kathy says

    You’re such a good story-teller, Anna! Even though I know the rest of the story, I can hardly wait to hear the rest ;).

  3. says

    And the phone rang . . .? You won’t make us wait a week to read the rest, will you? This story isn’t fiction like I write, this is the real deal and I want to read the end. 🙂 Please. 😀

    P.S. Love the picture. 🙂 Boxes are such fun to play in and with.

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