Happy Independence Day!

Yesterday Joshua told me his boss was smoking Boston butts and wondered if we wanted some. At that moment I realized July 4th had snuck up on me.

You’d think with it being on the same day of the year for over 200 years it wouldn’t do that…

Despite my lack of planning, we have had a lovely celebration.

We started off the day by heading over to watch an old building in town be demolished. The building had to go so they decided to make an event out of it.

Amazing how many people will gather to watch a building implode! 

Shortly after getting out of the car, loud-speakers announced it would fall in five minutes. We ran as fast as we could with all three munchkins piled into the stroller. The moment we cleared the trees, the explosions went off and the building fell.

It really was amazing how little time it takes for a building that took so many thousand man hours to build to collapse!

Yep, she’s got a mischievous streak

After eating homemade cinnamon rolls on a park bench, we headed out to Joshua’s boss’s farm to ride horses and pick up the Boston butts.

Meg didn’t get a turn. She’s not very happy about that. 

 By 9 a.m. it was already getting pretty warm, but Rose and Will each got a turn to ride their very favorite pony, Sweet Boy.

 Rose rode him all by herself without Josh even leading. For a little girl who used to be afraid of kittens, that is a pretty big deal!

What could be better than a big slice of watermelon? Your own watermelon bowl! 

Remember how I wasn’t going to go shopping till we move? Well, we stopped by the store and went inside as a family. Which of course meant we found several things that would simply be un-American not to have for the Fourth of July. Like chips and corn on the cob.

So, we bought them.

We didn’t go over our normal weekly grocery amount, so that’s good, right? (Next year I will be prepared. I hope.)

A good friend joined us for lunch and Joshua grilled corn on the cob, onions, and mushrooms to serve with the Boston butt and chips. You can’t get much yummier than that.

Despite getting a great night’s sleep, by 1:00 we were all ready for naps. Is this heat making anyone else lethargic?)

Now it’s time to head out for the night’s celebration.

Wishing you and yours a very happy Fourth of July! (Even my non-American friends.)

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    We didn’t have plans yesterday either, though I decided on the spur of the moment to take the kids bike riding at the local refuge and then to a fort built before the Revolutionary War, topped off by ice cream at Rita’s Water Ice.

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