Clear out the Pantry Challenge

We’re rapidly nearing Moving Day (hereafter affectionately referred to as M-Day.) A quick glance at my cupboards and freezer convinced me that I have more than enough food to feed my family for the next four weeks without setting foot in Walmart. (We get milk and produce from a friend’s farmer’s market.)

I don’t want to move half-used boxes of pasta, frozen chicken breasts, or a quarter bottle of dressing (and I doubt food pantries would appreciate the donation!) That leaves throwing food away or using it up.

I vote use it up!

Maybe you’re not moving, but summer is a great time to clear out the freezer before re-stocking with garden produce. Or simply saving money on groceries to put toward travel, school supplies or savings.

My goal is to spend $10-20 a week on milk, eggs and produce and save the extra $30-40 a week for re-stocking my new kitchen. *Happy squeal!* (Oh, and my husband is on board as long as meals don’t get “too weird” so, that’s an added challenge.)

Want to join the clear out the pantry (and freezer) challenge?

Take inventory

Grab pen and paper and take a quick survey of the food on hand. In addition to a good amount of chicken and mozzarella cheese, I have several freezer meals and dozens of odds and ends in the freezer. (Anyone brilliants ideas for how to use 3 corn tortillas, a cup of canned chicken and half a bag of corn?)

Plan ahead

I really doubt I’ll have time for creativity that last week when my kitchen is in boxes. This week I plan to make extras to set aside for those final busy weeks so we dont’ have to resort to picking up pizza (at least not too many times!)

Make a Menu

Here is this week’s “pantry” menu:


Eggs and toast with fruit
Homemade yogurt with homemade granola (x2)
Cooked steel cut oats (want to finish up the box!)
Sweet potato muffins with yogurt shakes
Eggs, bacon and toast


Pb&j with vegetables/frozen grapes (x2)
Homemade mac & cheese with salad (thanks to Playing Grown-up for the yummy inspiration!)
Bean burritos with lettuce and cheese (x2)


Spaghetti with homemade french bread and salad
Chicken & spinach pasta salad
Meatloaf with baked potatoes and mac & cheese
Chicken fajitas (with homemade tortillas!)
Angel Hair Chicken
Lentil Rice Casserole 

What’s on your menu this week? 

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    For the random tortillas, chicken and corn in your kitchen, add some black beans, a little bit of salsa/ranch combo and you’ve got a southwestern burrito for lunch! These could probably also be rolled up & frozen for easy lunches during that last moving week.

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