We’re Moving Home!

I have news I’ve just been bursting to share with you….


Wait. You knew that already. We knew that already.

We just didn’t know where… until now. We are moving HOME!

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Joshua was offered a job in our hometown! After months and months of waiting, it is amazing to know the next step in our life’s journey.

Though I could jump for joy, my joy is tinged with sadness. I never thought moving home would be bittersweet. But in our four years here we have made wonderful, encouraging friends, joined an amazing church and put down way more roots than I expected.

We are going to miss our little piece of the South.

A lot.

But family, lifelong friends, and another wonderful church community await us. That thought is absolutely thrilling! The kids even had cornflakes to celebrate. (Aren’t I an exciting mom?!)

Thanks so much for your prayers for our family. We are so grateful for them… and for you!

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    I’m thrilled to my very toes that you’re coming back!!!!! 😀 I’m so looking forward to talking face to face and getting to really know those kiddos who are growing up so quickly!
    And I’m praying you’ll find the perfect house in just the right place. 😉

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