Our Sisters Came South: Visit Recap

It’s hard to believe it’s Tuesday already! Sorry I’ve been so absent around here lately! Life offline has been keeping me busy.

Last week, two of my sisters and two of Joshua’s sisters came down to visit. Our house is already on the small side for a family of five, so four extra made it nice and cozy. It kinda felt like camping inside!

I’m going to miss these cozy memories when we move, so I’m trying to enjoy each day now, so I don’t have regrets later.

Four years after moving here, I finally toured one of the local landmarks. It’s funny how sometimes it takes out-of-state guests to get you to visit the attraction right down the street!

We toured a beautiful mansion that was built during the Civil War. There’s something sobering about hearing the story of a home that has housed many generations summed up in 15 minutes. It maks you realize just how fleeting life is!

During the Depression, this mansion was turned into an apartment complex. 13 families split the home and shared the one bathroom and one kitchen communally. (That made our sleeping arrangements for the week seemed rather roomy!)

The massive mirror behind us survived Sherman’s troops and was shipped all the way across the South. It must have taken a mini army just to move! 

 We also went on picnics, rode horses, toured some more, played games, went thrift store shopping, stayed up late watching movies/talking, and visited a local fountain park multiple times. The last time, I decided to be adventurous and join the others who were sliding down a tall kid’s slide. But my swim shorts were so slippery I flew down, lost my balance, and landed with a thud on the rock-hard dirt.

When I recovered from the shock, I couldn’t stop laughing, despite the fact that laughing made it hurt even worse. Maybe I’m getting too old… but at least it was a funny memory.

Ride horses or play in the dirt? Can you guess which one Will preferred? 

Will couldn’t stop crying when they left and we’re counting down the weeks until we see them again…and will probably still be eating leftovers til then. Apparently I way overestimated the amount of food four young ladies can eat.

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    That is very true about having visitors and finally going new places right near your home! Whenever we have family in town I always seem to check out new places to take them – places that are new to us as well! Glad you had fun!

    ~Nicole, Working Kansas Homemaker

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    Oh so much fun! Love the pictures! Did Ha get her hair cut, or was it just the way she had it? I’m sure the girls had a wonderful time as well. 🙂

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