Perspective and a Bug’s Life

Twenty years from now, when my children are grown and I am consistently getting a full night’s sleep, I’m sure I’ll laugh to look back and see how often sleep (or lack of sleep!) seemed worthy of a blog post.

But, my kids aren’t grown and sleep still seems blog-worthy. Which means sleep will, once again, be the springboard for today’s post.

Perspective and a bug's life

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Will skipped his nap most of last week but yesterday morning, he woke up bright and early. And tired. It was clear he would need  (and take) a nap.

I greatly looked forward to a bit of quiet while the children napped.

But, just as I laid Will down for his nap, Meg (who shares a room with the big kids now) woke up extra early. I spent the next hour fruitlessly trying to get her back to sleep. Finally, I gave up.

I was frustrated. Really frustrated. My well-laid plans had been spoiled by events that really weren’t in my hands. My expectations were not fulfilled. Now I didn’t get to enjoy that much-anticipated quiet that I really thought I needed.

Though I knew it was silly (and sinful) to be upset over something so trivial, I kept struggling with anger.

Then I walked into the kitchen. Earlier, I had captured a scary bee-like insect in the bottom of a glass. Now it was on its back, struggling for air.

As the insect fought for life, I stood and watched him for a minute.

And it struck me just how small I am.

The world does not revolve around me and my little needs and wants. Though a human’s lifespan is (thankfully) longer than an insects, it is still “like a vapor.” In the vast view of things, my life makes up about as much of the story as that little bug.

But, the glorious part is that, despite our smallness, we are not “like flies to wanton boys.” God Himself, in human flesh, laid down His life to save us!

With those thoughts in mind, it was hard to be upset about not getting a nap.

[Oh, and as a “thank you” to the bug for my attitude adjustment, he is now at loose in the great outdoors.]

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  1. Staci says

    I so am with you on this post, Anna. We have been memorizing the Lord’s prayer with our kids and it dawned on me one day that the part “forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us” actually applies to my attitude with my kids. How often do I resent their “intrusion” on my plans or try to make them feel bad for messing up my schedule, house, quiet time, etc… In real and falsely-perceived ways, my kids trespass against me daily and I am to forgive them. How often do I chose to hold a grudge instead! Thanks for this reminder. Love, Staci

    • anna says

      Though we pray this prayer together often, I had never thought of it like that! What a wonderful insight! Thanks so much for sharing Staci!

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