One Habit a Month: Spend Time Outside Daily

As you know, each month this year I’m focusing on one new habit that I want to become part of the fabric of my life. I’d love to have you join me! May is here and it’s time to tackle a new habit.

After tackling a difficult habit the past two months (limiting techy distractions), May’s habit will be fun: spend at least 15 minutes outside with the children each day.

In the early spring when the weather is mild, the birds are singing and the flowers bloom, spending time outside is easy. The warm spring air invites you outdoors with open arms.

As we head into May and the temperature keeps rising, it gets harder. Yesterday was swimming weather and today doesn’t look much cooler. Getting three little ones ready to play in the heat takes longer. The shade disappears sooner in the morning and I need to be more careful to protect sensitive skin from too much sun.

But it’s worth it. Not only are the munchkins much happier when they have time to play in the fresh air and run around in the sun, Mama is much happier too.

15 minutes isn’t very long, but it’s so manageable I’m confident we can make it into a habit. Plus, 15 minutes usually turns into an hour once we actually step outside!

What about you? Are you working on any new habits? Do you want to join me?


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  1. says

    Oh, you should have fun. 🙂 I only wish I could come over some days and play outside with you. 😀

    I think I’m going to do another month of my April habit. I need to really get into the habit of drinking more water. At least I don’t also have to break a habit of drinking coffee or pop since I don’t like either. 😉

    • anna says

      I wish one of your trips was to the South and you could come join us outside! We’ve been doing well so far, even though it rained most of the day today!

    • anna says

      How fun! It’s certainly a good time of year to get outside. I’m loving spending more time outdoors!

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