Three Ways to Window-Shop

Window-shopping used to require exercise and a walk down Main Street. Thanks to online stores, we can window-shop from the comfort of our couches. And then, there’s Pinterest—and the 50 outfit pins that are just too cute (and I don’t have!)

There’s nothing wrong with browsing through cute pictures with no intent to buy, but window-shopping can lead to problems with contentment.

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Three ways to window-shop

Window-shopping can be used to ignite creativity. The boards on Pinterest can teach us to creative new outfits using the clothes in our closets. They can inspire us to repurpose what we have to beautify our homes.

Window-shopping can also help us wisely plan future purchases. Before actually adding items to our cart, window-shopping can help us think through our purchases and make sure that what we’re purchasing is the best decision.

Or, window-shopping can foster discontentment. The cute new chairs in Sears’ ad or the adorable outfit on Pinterest can trip us up. Window-shopping for things we can’t afford (and probably don’t need) can lead to jealousy if we’re not careful to guard our hearts.

While window-shopping can be a good thing, sometimes we simply ought to not window-shopping for certain things. For example, when I first joined Pinterest, I was tempted to start a “dream house” board. There are oodles of absolutely amazing house ideas. Maybe, a bit of browsing would help me think of good ways to beautify my own home, but I was afraid it would just lead to discontentment.

We’re not moving quite yet and we’re not ready to buy my dream house. I’d rather pass up on a few cute ideas than struggle with being content right where I’m at.

Maybe house pictures don’t tempt you. Maybe it’s clothes or books or cars, but avoid window-shopping for things that lead to discontentment. Choose to use it instead to encourage creativity and wise purchases.

What about you? Do you like to window-shop? How do you avoid discontentment. 


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  1. says

    For some reason pinterest just doesn’t have a hold over me like I hear others do (although blogging does a bit! :P). I do love to window-shop either in person or online for clothes. Online, it gives me ideas. In the store I am a bit more cautious because if I see something I like, it usually comes home with me! I do have to be weary of discontentment as well. Guard our hearts, focus on Christ! 🙂

    Nicole at Working Kansas Homemaker

  2. says

    Hmm, window-shopping. I don’t do much of it except for books. 🙂 I love books. Clothes, well lets just say I’m still wearing a dress I’ve had for over a dozen years and still like it. Now and then I’ll get something else, but clothes shopping just isn’t my thing. As for pinterest, I’ve never even looked at it. 😛 I guess I can’t say I’m much of a window shopper. But I have to be careful about shopping for books. 🙂 Thanks for a good reminder to be careful, not just in our window-shopping but in our day-dreams too.

    • anna says

      Haha! Me too Bekah! Some of my cloths I’ve had for over a decade and I still love them. I am *trying* to be more careful in how I dress since I am a wife (and daughter of the King!) but it certainly doesn’t come naturally.

  3. says

    I like to window shop from time to time to get my creative juices going. You’re right; it can foster discontentment. I try to use window shopping as a way to get ideas for diy projects I can do at home. Same with Pinterest.

  4. says

    I saw your resources tab and am really enjoying two of the books you mention – Loving the Little Years and Created to Be His Help Meet. Both I got from “outerloan” at our library (being frugal) but have to check them out a couple times to finish!!

    • anna says

      I’m so glad Tracey! Both books have been such an encouragement to me in my walk as wife and mother.

      (Oh, and Joshua and I just finished reading a book together… but I had to check it out five times before we finished. Lol!)


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