Assemble a Natural Remedy Closet: April’s Additions

Can you believe it’s already nearing the end of April?!

My challenge in 2012 is to build and maintain a “medicine chest” of herbs that will help fight the illnesses my family commonly faces on a budget of $20 a month. It’s the last Tuesday of April and time for an update.

January: $16.73
February: $10.22
March: $18.93
Total to date: $45.88

I used a bit of the surplus to purchase another herbal book…. and I think my collection of herbal reference books is about big enough now!

April Purchases

4 oz. Tea Trea Oil, $15.41 After hearing about numerous uses for tea trea oil [in laundryto protect against viruses, bacteria and 20 other uses] I thought it was time to purchase some. The 4 oz. bottle was a considerably better deal than any of the 1 oz bottles, so we shouldn’t run out for a very long time.

The oil is very potent and should not be used internally or when pregnant or nursing without medical direction. A 2007 study found a link between tea tree oil and elevated hormone levels. (Read more here.)

Elderberries, $2.80 We already used up the elderberries I purchased last month, so I picked up more when I was near the health food store. Elderberries are mild and tasty, and great immune builders! Definitely a remedy I want to have on hand. (Jill’s Home Remedies has a great video tutorial for making your own elderberry cough syrup!)

2 Herbal Books, $5.98 Two beautifully-illustrated hardback books made their way into my herbal library this month:

“The Illustrated Herbal” was a lovely prize from Jacqueline’s blog anniversary giveaway (if you don’t read her blog, Deep Roots at Home, you’re in for a real treat!)

Chris from Joybilee Farms (a new favorite blog) recommended The Complete Family Guide to Natural Home Remedies. You can purchase a used hardback copy on Amazon for less than $8.00, including shipping! I couldn’t resist.

Both books make awesome, educational “coffee table books.” The children and I have spent hours pouring over the beautifully illustrated pages and learning more about the wonders of God’s creation.

We’ve discovered a few herbs that grow in our very own backyard and had fun identifying them and learning their uses. These books were by far my favorite addition’s in April.

The herbs I planted from seed in March have survived the crazy swings we’ve had in the weather (so far), but they’re still pretty little.

What about you? Have you made any additions to your herbal remedy closet this month? How is your garden growing? 

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  1. says

    This sounds like a wonderful challenge! I’m focusing more on growing my own cooking herbs right now, but I do want to learn more about natural remedies. I like the idea of treating minor ailments in as natural a way as possible, but since I have a lot of plant allergies, I’ll admit that I’m a little wary about experimenting with remedies. I might have to check out one of the books you mention, though.

    • anna says

      How wonderful that you’re growing your own herbs. Many cooking herbs have amazing healing properties, at least when they’re used fresh.

      So sorry about your plant allergies, but hopefully you’re able to find natural remedies that work without causing a flare-up. Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing. 🙂

  2. says

    The herbs I purchased as plants are doing just fine, except that I think the neighbor’s cat attacked my potted peppermint plant and dragged it off the porch steps. I read somewhere that they find it similar to catnip . . . my basil seedlings are still small, but starting to grow more now that I’ve repotted them. They are still under lights in the basement. My sage is doing really well, also started from seed.

    BTW, I love tea tree oil. I would add a few drops to soapy water when I washed the floors to help disenfect them, and to disinfect cloth diapers as well. Great stuff!

    • anna says

      Lol! Thankfully no cats have discovered the mint, at least not yet. So glad to hear your seedlings are growing well!

      I scratched my head a bit when I saw how big the bottle was, but it sounds like there are *lots* of great uses. Thanks for the idea.

  3. says

    That is so amazing seeing how God’s creation has all we need to truly care for ourselves. While my husband was mowing the lawn at our new home, we discovered mint/spearmint out back as he was mowing it over! Apparently it’s growing all over in the back by our garage. I haven’t started my little garden yet, as we just moved in, but have put a celery butt in a vase of water and it’s already starting to sprout- so cool!

    Nicole at Working Kansas Homemaker


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