The Answer to My Prayers (Our Old-Fashioned Love Story)

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Just as my five-year-old sister was predicting my marriage to Joshua (and her star role as flower girl), my parents called me for a private meeting.

My curiosity was peaked, but I was fully convinced that Joshua was not interested in me. After all, he’d practically been ignoring me.

“Someone has asked to court you, Anna,” Papa said. That much I’d guessed. Who was the real question. I had already determined not to consider anyone else until Joshua was not only engaged, but married.

Mama and Papa told me they had been praying for my future and a godly young man had asked their permission to court me, etc. “Thanks, but who?” I wanted to know.

They finally said, “Joshua.” I could scarcely believe it.

They were fairly certain I would say yes. The moment I did, Joshua walked in the door.

A thousand questions flitted through my mind, but the answer to many nights of prayers was standing right in front of meI practically ran into his arms.

Then we talked. Really talked.

I learned that he had noticed me that day so very long ago, when I was only thirteen. He arranged Chinese lessons expressly so I could get to know him and go into the courtship as friends. He had been praying for me for years.

The following days were a blissful blur. I was in the clouds. The next day I nearly walked into a (moving) car at college as I reread a poem he had written for me.

On our very first real date, I emerged from the clouds just long enough for my frugal self to tell Joshua, “If you want to marry me, we can’t go out to fancy restaurants often. We need to save for a house.”

Tactful, huh?

Somehow, that didn’t scare him off. Over the following months, we spent many delightful hours together. I found poetry hidden in unexpected places, but his most romantic escapade came when he “rescued” me after I fell in the five-foot deep creek…and ruined his cellphone in the process.

To be continued next  Friday… 

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    Yes, my dear, you were in the clouds. So high up most of the time that the rest of us unmarried/unattached girls had to “jump” to talk to you. 😉 You did have a way of talking with us and then after only a few minutes looking around until you spotted Josh. 🙂 But the two of you were/are really cute together. Love reading this story. It brings back so many memories from those years . . .

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    What an absolutely precious story! I was so touched to read that he had been praying for you for years!! I can’t wait until this Friday!!!

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    I found your blog today and loved reading past posts and catching up on your love story. It is so beautiful, and encourages me in the decision my husband and I have made to encourage our children’s hearts towards courtship from a young age. My husband and I were not raised to know the Lord how we do now, and came to know Him together. Our story is very different, but I feel beautiful in its own way as the Lord brought us both to Him and is still continuing to grow our faith as we build our family and a heritage for the Lord. Thank you for sharing your story! I look forward to the rest. =o)

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