March’s Habit: How Did You Do?

Once again, this is late. I’d like to think that the fact I hardly checked my email let alone blogged this weekend meant I was strictly following technological guidelines. It really just means we had a fun and very busy weekend! 

 Rather than focus on grand resolutions in 2012, my goal has been to work on one habit each month that will help me better fulfill my calling as a woman, wife, mother and/or homemaker. March’s habit was challenging: establish technological guidelines (i.e. stop checking my phone/email constantly!) 

Many of you joined me on that challenge. How did you do?

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This was by far my most challenging habit to establish so far. I failed multiple times.

I  wish I could say I’d fully tamed the techy monster. I haven’t.

Though it wasn’t a stunning success, looking back on the month, I realized it wasn’t quite as much of a failure as I thought either.

  • Following Amy’s advice, I’ve unsubscribed from dozens of email updates, which dramatically cut down on distractions.
  • Even when I know there are emails waiting, I don’t “have” to check them immediately anymore.
  • I’ve been more careful to make phone calls at good times of the day.
  • If I have “just a minute,” I more often color with Will, do a load of laundry, show Rose how to write a new word, or look into baby Meg’s eyes, instead of using those moments to “quickly check _____ online.”

Technology is a wonderful tool, but can so easily become a major distraction. March’s habit helped highlight ways that I could use the internet more wisely, without letting it control too much of my time. Since I still have so much to work on, I’m going to keep working on this habit in April.

What about you? Did you work on a new habit in March? Did you do better at it than I did? 🙂 

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    So now I know why it took you forever to answer my emails (TOTALLY kidding!!) 🙂 Just had to give you a hard time 🙂

    So good that you are doing this, redeeming the time with your children rather than just checking “one more email”. The moments with our children are so short and the internet will always be calling…at some point, I have to just step away, even if I’m not doing as much as everybody else promoting, sharing, commenting, etc…

  2. says

    Great job, Anna! Keep it up! And the rest of you too. 🙂

    My habit of getting outside for at least 5 minutes was rather difficult to decide if I did it. 😛 I think so. 🙂

    This month I’m going to work on drinking more water. I am terrible at not drinking enough. (Like going nearly a whole day with only drinking at meals.) And will summer coming early, I want to be better prepared. I know it will be a challenge this month because we’ll be gone quite a bit and it’s always harder to drink enough on the road or at homeschool conferences. 😛 We’ll see how I do.

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