Keep Thy Heart (Our Old-Fashioned Love Story)

Read part one of our love story here. 

Though I knew of his existence, I first actually noticed Joshua when he went on a walk with his three-year-old sister. The battle in my heart had begun.

As a teenager I hoped that marriage was in my future. Until that day though, I wanted to keep my heart pure. If I stood at the aisle one day, I wanted to be free from memories of countless crushes. “Guard thy heart with all diligence,” said Solomon, “for out of it are the springs of life.”

A guarded heart is easier to desire than obtain.

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However, I found that if, when I started daydreaming about a guy, I prayed that God’s will would be accomplished in his life and that God would bless him and his future wife, the daydream ended.

That is, until I prayed for Joshua. Joshua was on my heart and in my prayers constantly.

Though he was always kind, gentlemanly and thoughtful, he never seemed to notice me. That didn’t make it any easier. A brief conversation, a glance at the book he had in his hand, or just watching him on the volleyball court and the battle began again.

He left to teach for six months in Taiwan and I thought that would make it easier. Though it “helped” not to see him often, “out of sight” was certainly not “out of mind.” The struggle continued.

I talked to my mom, who encouraged me to continue to do what I was trying to do, guard my heart. It wasn’t easy.

Then, the “problem” escalated. Joshua knew that I had been interested in learning Chinese for quite some time. After he returned from Taiwan, Joshua set up private lessons with a professor from China. He invited my good friend Rebekah and me to join him. We did. After a couple weeks, Bekah realized she was just too busy and dropped out. Now it was just Joshua and me taking private lessons together each week.

We managed to never set an official start time with the professor. Each week one of us had to call the other to figure it out. (You have no idea how much I looked forward to that call. Whether to start at 1:00 or 2:00 on a Saturday afternoon is a big deal, right?)

After lessons, we talked by our cars or headed to the library. He lived out of county so rather than making him pay the fee to join, I offered to check out books for him. As the weeks passed and we got to know one another better, I struggled more and more.

I was falling madly in love with Joshua, but didn’t know if he returned the feeling. My dad knew what a hard time I was having. He was about to step in to protect me (and make Josh get his own library card)

To be continued next  Friday… 

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  1. says

    Ah, those days of Chinese. 🙂 And I dropped out because of my own brother’s courtship and the busyness of everything. I knew even back then that you two were perfect for each other. I love reading this, Anna! Sorry I made things more difficult. 😛 Can’t wait until next week. 😀

      • says

        Yeah, I sort of felt like a “third wheel” during class. 🙂 And I didn’t really think you’d mind. At least not too much. 😉

        • anna says

          Awww, sorry! We really didn’t mean to make you feel like a third wheel. We were both trying SO hard to hide our feelings, but obviously didn’t do a good enough job (except as far as the other one was concerned. We were both duly shocked to find out the other shared our feelings!) 😉

    • anna says

      Aw, thanks! Knowing the happy ending kind of takes a bit of the suspense away. Glad you’re still enjoying it!

  2. Amber says

    Way to leave us hanging! 😛 I’m enjoying this story, just wishing it wasn’t coming in parts. 🙂 Thanks for writing it down and sharing it with us. I also know some of this story, but I like knowing the little details.

    • anna says

      So glad to know it’s still interesting for those who know the story. 🙂 I just love remembering how God worked out all the little things in ways we didn’t expect!

  3. says

    Oh my goodness, girl, I am hearing my own story all over again! It’s so very similar (I will share mine someday too). I love hearing about how God brought you two together 🙂

    • anna says

      Thanks Jenn–can’t wait to read yours. If you’re anything like me, once you start writing it down, you won’t be able to start. It’s just SO fun to remember!

  4. says

    So sweet…cracked me up about your Dad almost stepping in and making Joshua get his own library card!! 🙂 Off to read the next installment….


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