Recommended Friday: Audio Lectures

Today I’m guest posting for my dear friend Jessica while she prepares to take her very first CLEP exam. She’s chronicling her distance learning journey on her blog Uncommon Student

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The ability to study when and where you choose is one of the many benefits of a distance education.  A resource we found invaluable for “redeeming the time” was audio lectures.

Audio lectures allow you to study while cleaning, driving, exercising or crafting… Follow me over to read the rest

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  1. says

    We enjoy the Teaching Company, too, even if we aren’t studying for CLEP tests. 🙂 One course that was fun for me as a writer was about Crafting Great Sentences. Some of what he said was beyond me (I’m not planning on writing an entire five page essay in one sentence.), but it expanded my horizon with different sentences.
    We’re getting ready to start one of the math courses. We’ll see if I find it interesting since I’ve never liked math. 🙂

    • anna says

      Let me know if you like the math one. I avoided it. 🙂

      I’m gonna see if our library has the Crafting Great Sentences lectures now. They didn’t back when we were studying for the CLEPs.

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