The Foundation of Contentment

“Be content” is a Scriptural command. So often though, complaining wants to rear its ugly head in my heart and escape through my lips.

The spirit of complaining takes many forms:

“I don’t have ANYTHING to wear!”

There’s not enough room in this tiny house for our growing family!

“Ugh! I am so tired of folding laundry.”

“She is so content. IF ONLY I had a home (or children or friends or husband or bank account or _____) like her, then I would be content too!” 

According to Webster’s dictionary, content means, “Literally, held, contained within limits; hence, quiet; not disturbed; having a mind at peace; easy; satisfied, so as not to repine, object, or oppose.”

As Christians, contentment doesn't come from how much stuff we have or the security of our bank account. The foundation of contentment lies on solid promises.

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The Foundation of Contentment

“Be content with such things as ye have,” God tells us. But He doesn’t just give the command. He gives us compelling reasons why we should be content:

  • Be content with the clothes you have, because God clothes us in the righteousness of Christ and gives us “garments of praise”.  Is. 61:3 
  • Be content waiting for answers, because God holds the future in His hands.
  • Be content with the home you have, because God is “the dwelling place [of His people] in all generations.” Ps. 90:1
  • Be content with the burdens you bear, because God’s arms are strong, and He promised to bear us. 
  • Be content with the food you have, because Jesus gives heavenly Manna, Himself, to sustain us.
  • Be content with the trials you have, because God gives them “for our profit, that we might be partakers of his holiness.” Heb. 12:10
  • Be content, whether single, married, divorced or widowed, because Divine Love pursues us.
  • “Be content with such things as ye have, for he hath said, I will never leave thee, nor forsake thee.'” Heb. 13:5 

Our God, who paints each sunrise, calls the stars by name, and shed His precious blood for us, promised to never leave or forsake us! That glorious promise, dear sisters, is the foundation of contentment. Could there possibly be a better reason to be content than that?!

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  1. Jenni / Life from the Roof says

    I think your link takes you to your post on healthy snacks. Just thought you’d like to know :).

  2. says

    This was a blessing, Anna. I was reminded of a little verse from a song or poem: Content to fill a little place if Thou be glorified.
    It is so easy to think “if only –” and forget that He has placed us in just the right time, place and with exactly the right things to make us more like Him and with opportunities to let our Light shine. Thanks for the encouragement. 🙂

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