The virtue of efficiency often goes unquestioned. Each of us has been given a calling. We are commanded to be diligent.

Sometimes though, efficiency can become too much of an ideal, at least for project-driven people like me.

I want the laundry folded and dinner made as fast as possible. I want to cross one more thing off my to-do list or shave a few minutes from my cleaning schedule.

Grimy Hands

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5 Responses to “Lessons from a Child: Embrace Relationships over Efficiency”

  1. Bekah says:

    Great post, Anna! Yesterday I was helping get things priced for Light of Faith’s first conference next week. At one point in the morning I had the three older kids (5, 4 & 2 1/2) “helping” me put DVDs on a spinner rack. Yes, it would have been a whole lot faster if I had just done it myself, but they so enjoyed helping and talking about the pictures on the covers. :)

  2. Jessi says:

    So very very true! I’ve been putting off chores lately desperately trying to make sure I treasure these moments with my toddler! Please come share at my blog. Its very small but I’ve started a link up for women being honest! This is just what we need to hear!

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