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Sometimes life gets all consuming. We get caught up in the endless stream of laundry and meals and dishes and errands. Urgent needs fill our days and we lose sight of our purpose.

Just like the Israelites.

I recently finished reading through 2nd Chronicles. The chronicle is like a depressing cycle on endless repeat. A good king comes to the throne. He leads the priests and the people. They turn from their idols, cleanse the temple and, in glad-hearted abandon, worship the Lord and bring offerings. They prosper.

They forget God.

Next king. This king leads all the people in forsaking God. They seek after idols and start worshipping any god they happen to hear about… except for the true God. God sends famine or war or destruction. They remember God.

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Repeat. Again and again and again.

Reading through the history of the Israelites, I feel at my wit’s end. How on earth could they be so stupid? How could they keep on forgetting God’s goodness and mercy? Don’t they see the pattern here?

But… it’s not just them. It is me too.

I forget.

God didn’t place us on this earth just to earn money, build nice homes and enjoy a pleasant life. Work is good. He commands us to be faithful in our callings and to acknowledge His sovereignty in giving tithes, but…

  • I forget that God doesn’t need my money. He owns the “cattle on a thousand hills”. Gold is his pavement.
  • I forget that God doesn’t need my work. He created the whole world, with its vast unnoticed wonder, in six days.

He wants us to remember His greatness and to glorify His goodness to us. God wants our worship. 


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  1. says

    What a thought, God doesn’t need us, but we so desperately need Him! He wants our praise, our worship for that is why He created us, but we can’t do it on our own. It is so easy to forget and go our own way. But let us press closer to our Master, Guide, Leader, Shepherd, Friend and Lover and in His strength, remember God.
    Thanks for the encouraging post, Anna.

  2. says

    It is so funny how we are like the Israelites, isn’t it? Maybe that’s why God gave us the books of Chronicles…even though they looked boring to me at first glance. To teach us and weave everything together in showing us our sin that led us to the cross. Loved your thoughts today 🙂

  3. Kasey says

    What a stinging parallel…and a very accurate one! It’s sad how quickly we forget and how slow we are to remember. I needed this reminder!

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