The Fruit of Her Hands: Review & Giveaway

The Fruit of Her Hands is such an encouraging book! Nancy speaks from her heart as an older woman in Christ and encourages women to love and respect their husbands and nurture their home.


Nancy begins her excellent book by talking about the proper perspective of a godly woman.

Looking out your front window, what do you see?

Some of us view of a carefully manicured yard, others a dirty parking garage. The physical view has little to do with our perspective though. The woman with the lovely garden can choose to see all the weeds that need to get pulled. The woman looking out on a parking garage can choose to look up at the beautiful sky above.

We must choose to have the right perspective of where God has placed us.

My favorite chapter of the book deals with principles and  methods. Running a household requires making thousands of decisions: What should I feed my family? What kind of diapers should we use?   Are we doing enough outside activities?

The lists runs on and on.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed. But we need to distinguish between the principles that God lays out in His word (like honor your husband or love your kiddos) and the millions of methods of following them. We should all strive to obey God’s principles, but how they are practically played out in each home will vary widely!

The truths aren’t earth-shattering, but ones that I need to be reminded of again and again. Every page of The Fruit of Her Hands encouraged me to grow in my relationship with God as I build my home.

Canon Press sells both a paperback and audio version of The Fruit of Her Hands. Nancy also made a full preview of The Fruit of Her Hands available on Google Books!

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