Loving the Little Years: Book Review & Giveaway

Shortly after our third child was born, a dear older mother from church gave me a copy of Loving the Little Years. It quickly became my favorite book on motherhood.

Loving the Little Years is not a how-to guide for a perfectly run home or well-mannered children. Instead, it’s a refreshing look at the heart of motherhood, from the trenches.

The author, Rachel Jankovic, is a mother of five young children. She writes candidly about the sticky hands, laughing eyes, sleepless nights and busy days that make up the little years.

A few favorite nuggets

  • A well-ordered, organized home is a mom’s dream. While organization is good, there’s only one area of your life that really must be organized: your attitude.
  • Mothering little ones is a demanding job. It’s easy to become overwhelmed. If we were to rate over-whelmedness on a scale from 1 to 10 (like they use for pain in the hospitals) somedays we may want to scream “13!” But this is where God has us at the moment. We must reprogram our meter to 1. Crunchy floors and sleepless nights are part of our new normal.
  • Teaching a child is a lot like teaching math. As soon as your child masters the basic addition of saying “please” and not coloring on the walls, subtraction gets thrown into the mix. It can feel like they’re never getting it. There’s always a new attitude to adjust or new concept to conquer. But really our children are passing milestones all the time. Little milestones. We just often fail to notice them.

Loving the Little Years is short, but each of the twenty chapters is packed with encouragement for moms of little ones.

Canon Press sells both a paperback and audio version and graciously agreed to sponsor a giveaway. Just enter the form below for your chance to win a copy!

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    I almost ordered this from Amazon a bit ago. I’ve heard it’s a wonderful book! I tried clicking the facebook icon to share but it wouldn’t work. I’m ok my phone so there is a share page option that I used. Hope that still counts!

    • anna says

      Thanks so much for joining the giveaway Jess! (It’s such a wonderful book!)

      Thanks for letting me know about the icon. And yes, that totally counts. Thanks for spreading the word. 🙂

      • anna says

        Hmmm… the facebook icon works on my laptop. Is anyone else having trouble with it? Maybe it’s a problem with my mobile page?

  2. Kasey says

    This looks like an amazing book! Thanks so much, Anna, for all these opportunities to win some awesome prizes!

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