5 Ways to Manage Kid Clothes in a Small Shared Room

On Monday I shared 10 ways we maintain [some] order in our children’s toys (check the comments for wonderful ideas)! Toys are not the only challenge when you have multiple children sharing a small room though.

Today we’re going to talk about clothes.

My goal is to start each day with my child dressed in clean (cute) clothes. [Start being a key word here!] Thankfully, for those of us with limited room, that doesn’t mean they need buckets and buckets of clothes.

Folded clothes

How to keep your child in clean clothes with limited dresser/closet space

Our home is small (according to modern standards at least)! Each child has one drawer of the dresser for clothes. We have two small clothes closets in our home. Their closet holds their church clothes plus my clothes, the vacuum cleaner and storage stuff.

Needless to say, that makes simplicity a necessity. You know what though? They have never come even close to running out of clean clothes to wear.

  1. Get rid of clothes they don’t wear. If it doesn’t fit right or your child just begs to *not* wear it, why not donate it to someone who would use it?
  2. Stick to a minimalist wardrobe. Determine how many clothes your child needs to last between wash days (with a couple extra for cushion). If you’re interested, here is a peak into my children’s simple wardrobe from a couple years ago. We’ve added boots to their shoe collection, but that is fairly close to what they have.
  3. Use a hanging shoe rack to store shoes behind the door. My kids can only reach the bottom few holders, so we store extra blankets or animals in the upper containers. (Don’t worry! Those upper containers have never hosted shoes!) The shoe holder makes it easy for them to put their own shoes away.
  4. Go for neutral on the bulky outerwear. Mud boots, heavy jackets, scarves, etc. Choosing neutral colors when possible cuts down on storage!
  5. Keep on top of laundry. I find that as long as I keep on top of laundry, I enjoy it. Get behind and it feels overwhelming. I try to wash, dry and put away at least one load of laundry each weekday. You can get by with very few outfits if you’re washing them often: Last winter during law school days, Will (then 18 months) had three pair of pants. Total. I knew my family had more saved for us that we would get at Christmas so decided to see if a messy toddler could manage with just three pairs. Pretty much every single load of laundry contained a pair of his pants, but it worked…. though I was so glad when Christmas came and we got more!
What about you? How do you manage all the clothes necessary for multiple little ones? 
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  1. says

    Cleaning out clothes that don’t fit anymore is imperative in staying on top of the clothes. Unfortunately, it is also one of my least favorite jobs. 🙂 I just cleaned out my boys clothes yesterday and now they only have things that fit in their drawers. It’s such a blessing to know I don’t have to dig through clothes that don’t fit to find something for them to wear. 🙂 (And, of course, now it will be easier for them to pick their own outfits.)

    • anna says

      Yay! Don’t you just love getting those hated chores out of the way?! And you’re right. It’s so much easier for my daughter to dress herself when she’s not digging through clothes she doesn’t fit to try to find the ones that do!

  2. Kasey says

    Great tips! I agree that laundry is almost enjoyable if I stay on top of it. But as soon as I fall behind (which happens far too often) I get overwhelmed! Happy Wednesday!!

  3. My Christian Life says

    These are all very good tips. We have everyday clothes in our drawers and hang up the church clothes or more fancy ones. We only wear the clothes that are handed down to us or bought for us or we buy some occasionally from the resale or thrift store. Very Very seldom is anything purchased from the store. If it is its usually wal-mart. Or a sale store like Ross or T.J. Max.

    Please come share your ideas at:

    • anna says

      How wonderful! I was just thinking the other day about how little I have actually had to purchase for my children. Aside from a few garage sale finds and shoes from the thrift store, almost everything in their drawers has been given to them! We have been SO blessed.

  4. says

    We’ve been going slowly through a whole house purge and refresh since the New Year and I’ve tackled clothes that don’t fit, storing clothes that are too big, and getting rid of stained, damaged, or worn stuff. It’s better, but I’ve been seriously considering going through and just getting rid of stuff just to simplify. We have school uniforms, for one, and they have their favorite weekend clothes that they always want washed anyway. I think I might box up a bunch of “extra” clothes and see if it works for a month or two. If it does, we’ll take the box to the Thrift Store.

    • anna says

      Way to go! I love the idea of storing the clothes away and seeing if they’re missed (as long as you have enough left for sickness or disaster. 🙂 Great idea!

  5. says

    How come you keep writing posts that are exactly what I’m trying to conquer? lol! Thanks for the tips! I have a major problem with too many clothes in a shared bedroom of 4 girls and am determined to conquer the mountainous problem. 🙂

  6. says

    It ain’t my kids clothes I need to go through, it’s mine! 😛 I have been noticing what clothes I don’t wear and am about ready to pull those out of the closet but I probably should do more than that. I mean, when I have enough shirts to wear a different one each day for over a month, well, I think you get the picture. And no, I don’t go buy new things. Most of it was given to us or a few things we found at a thrift store. 🙂

    • anna says

      Good for you! I might have to join you. 🙂 My closet it pretty minimalistic, but I’m given an item here or there and before I know it, the closet has items I don’t even wear (or like!) in it!

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