January’s Habit: How Did you Do?

Rather than start 2012 with Grand Resolutions that (despite good intentions) would soon be broken, this year my challenge is to implement one new habit a month.

When there are so many areas that you want to change, it is hard to limit yourself to just one at a time. But  seeking perfectionism often paralyzes any action. Choosing one habit, committing to it, and actually doing it, will pay much better dividends in the end. (At least so I hope!)

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My habit for January was simple: get dressed before breakfast. January is already at an end. Can you believe it? It’s time to check in with a progress report.

With a few exceptions, I have actually carried through on the habit. (It’s quite the difficult task, don’t you think? Haha!) Only twice (on weekends) did I really lounge around in my pajamas and both days felt so much less productive. In fact, not being disciplined to get dressed those two days was incredible motivation for the rest of the month.

This one habit has made such a difference! I have been shocked at how much more productive my day feels when I simply spend two minutes to get dressed before the morning rush begins.

As Crystal, from Money Saving Mom, said, discipline begets discipline. The benefits of choosing to not procrastinate (even on something as simple as getting dressed) have spilled over to the rest of the day.

  • My children appreciate the fact that I look nice (my toddler comments daily, “you earrings pitty, Mama!”)
  • My morning are more productive
  • My brain feels less cluttered
  • And, if the UPS guy happens to deliver a package at 9, I can actually answer the door!
What about you? Have you been working on a new habit? If so, how have you done? Link up or join in the comments! (And don’t forget to join February’s challenge!)
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  1. says

    I managed to sweep the kitchen floor every night. 🙂 Like you, Anna, I had a hard task. 😉 Maybe it is better when you start with something small that you “know” you can do and then work up to the more difficult things.
    l’m so glad you are letting us join you in this project, Anna. 😀

    • anna says

      Way to go. 🙂 I agree! Tackling an easy tasks (and actually doing it!) motivates me to try something more difficult.

  2. Jessica@MakingHomeSweeter says

    What a great idea! I wish I had thought of this last month, but I will definitely start with this month! And I think I’m going to copy you and make my habit getting dressed before breakfast 🙂 It’s true, anytime that I get dressed in the morning, it sets my day up on a much more productive, positive note. Thanks for sharing such an inspiring little post!

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