De-Clutter your Home, De-Clutter your Brain

I’m on a quest to de-clutter my brain!

Technology-overload can clutter the brain. So can a cluttered home.

A smoothly-running home creates the perfect atmosphere for an uncluttered brain. There’s something so peaceful about a well-ordered home. A home where everything has a place and is put in its place when not being used.

This doesn’t mean no messes. Homes are supposed to be lived in. Children are supposed to play. And, even though I don’t always act like I believe it, a cheerful attitude is much more important than a tidy home!

Life happens. An uncluttered home isn’t first priority, but it does help clear out the brain clutter. The following ideas have helped our home (and my brain!) be less cluttered.

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(Read tips 1 and 2 of 21 Ways to Clear out the Brain Clutter and 3-10 on Eliminating Technological Clutter)

  1. Establish a household rhythm: I am really good at making detailed schedules. I am really horrible at following them. Find the balance between discipline and flexibility that work for you. Having a basic meal plan, a morning routine and a rotating cleaning schedule help clear my brain. I don’t have to spend lots of mental energy at 4 pm trying to think of what to have for dinner and I know that my home will never get overwhelmingly dirty. Find the balance that gives you flexibility and clears your brain of unnecessary decisions.
  2. Set “mess perimeters”: Your home should be lived in, but that doesn’t mean it should always be messy. Set up a few guidelines that make your home peaceful. For example, we established a “no toys in the living room after dinner” rule. The kids can build forts in the living room during the day, but in the evening the living room is for relaxing and reading. We also have set clean-up times before naps, dinner, and bed; and before leaving the home.
  3. Get rid of stuff that clutters your home, your closet, your vehicle and your brain! Purge until it almost hurts. Clutter everywhere leads to a cluttered brain!
  4. Put things all the way away, right away!  When you’re done with something, put it all the way away, whether it is laundry or books or notes. Avoid piles.
  5. Set up a donate/sell and a “return” box. Don’t just purge once or twice a year! As soon as an item ceases to be useful and just clutters your home, put it straight into the box. When the box is full, donate it or put it into your garage sale stash. Did the shirt you bought your husband not fit? Put it straight into the return box (kept handy or even in the van) so that it’s ready to be returned next time you visit the store. (Make sure to stick the receipt with the item or in your purse.)
  6. Read, sort and dispose of mail as soon as you bring it inside. Handle mail only once (unless it’s a personal letter to treasure!) File important papers, write important dates on your calendar (ahem, this is one I’m notorious at!) and toss the junk mail. Pay bills immediately or set up automatic billing. Not worrying “did I forget to pay my water bill?” definitely clears out brain clutter!
Join me tomorrow as we finish out the 21 Ways to Clear out the Brain Clutter series. 
What about you? How do you keep your brain (and your home!) uncluttered? 


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  1. says

    I have a cronic problem of piling things on my desk or chest (and sometimes my sister’s chest 😮 ) until I’m in a tidy fit. Then I put it all away. Other times things sit around because it takes a bit longer to take care of them. i.e. a story needs added to not just corrected.
    Thanks for the encouragement to keep things clean. 🙂 I think I know what habbit I should work on next month. 😀

  2. anna says

    Me too! Though I have so many new habits I want to develop, I can’t decide for sure if I should work on “put things *all* the way away” or something else!

  3. says

    I’m loving your posts on this topic, Anna! I struggle so much with decluttering. It’s not that I don’t want to, but I go back and forth because I think, “what if I need this for the next baby?” and whatnot. I’m not a hoarder or anything but it’s just a continual process to remind myself, “It’s just stuff! And God will provide.” 🙂

    How do you decide what to keep and what goes with your baby/kid stuff?

    • anna says

      I’m so glad you’re enjoying the series Jenn! I still have lots to learn, but am constantly trying to pare back so that we can truly enjoy what we keep. (Hmm… I think I’l do a post about simplifying the kids’ stuff next week! Thanks for the idea. 🙂 )

  4. Kasey says

    The idea for boxes for return/donate/sell is terrific! I’ve never given that any thought, but I’m going to do it. Today! Cuz now I’m home and have time to do neat little things like this! 🙂 Learning from you all the time!

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