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“Nurse” is one of many titles we moms wear. Of course, not all of us have medical training, but we are the first to hold our child and attempt to soothe their aches away. Some symptoms call for immediate professional help, but for the common cold or ear ache, there are many ways we can help our child at home.

Last week, I reviewed a wonderful resources for us moms, Mommy Diagnostics. Another favorite is Herbal Drugstore. There are also numerous online resources that you can access for free to make sure the remedy you are using is safe and effective.

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Bulk Herb Store:

The Bulk Herb Store makes me drool. Almost literally. Shoshanna runs the store and provides a wealth of information about herbs: what they help, who can take them and recommendations for using them. The Research Aid page lists dozens of common ailments and the herbs that have been shown to help them. Each herb is linked to a page that gives more complete information about its safety and use. Also, for each ailment, Shoshanna links to the specific pages in books she recommends that contain more information.

PubMed Health:

PubMed Health is the online directory of the U.S. National Library of Medicine. It contains a list of diseases and the common symptoms that can help you figure out exactly what you or your child is facing and be better prepared to speak with a professional if necessary. PubMed Health also hosts numerous studies on drug, remedies and diseases, that [nerds like me] find fascinating.

Mayo Clinic:

Mayo Clinic offers a directory of expert overviews of disease symptoms, causes and treatments. My favorite part is their overview of home remedies that have been shown to work along with ones that might cause problems .


So, I may have lost all credibility here, but hang with me! Usually the overview on Wikipedia is good, but what I really love about it is the resources at the bottom. Often, Wikipedia links to great studies and reports that you can go read. In law school, my husband’s friend used the Wikipedia trick. When the professor asked for a case, instead of thumbing through a thousand page casebook, he looked it up on Wikipedia. In the footnotes at the bottom, was the full name of the case. Much faster! The same trick works for herbal remedies!

What about you? Do you have a favorite online resource for researching natural remedies? 

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  1. Jill says

    I had never heard of the Bulk Herb Store but it looks like a resource that I will use in the future. Thanks for sharing!

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