“Master, What About Me?”

Comparing. We humans tend to be good at it.

Sometimes comparing is simply jealousy for a nicer home or cuter wardrobe. There is another kind of comparing though: the comparing that looks at our sister’s story or our sister’s method and gets discouraged.

  • She runs her home more smoothly I do.
  • Her children are doing so much better in school than mine.
  • Look at all the people that were blessed through her life!
  • She stretches her money farther than I do.
  • Why has she been blessed with a much greater ministry opportunity?

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Yesterday, I was reading Passionate Homemaking, a blog I’ve loved for years, and Lindsey shared about the new direction she believes God is leading her blog in. Immediately, I started doubting and second-guessing, “Is what I’m blogging about as worthwhile? Should I follow her?”

Then the story about the disciple Peter came to mind. Jesus had just told Peter that he would have to suffer for His sake and Peter turns, looks at the disciple John and asks, “Master, what about him?”

Jesus never answers the question.

John was later imprisoned, but Jesus doesn’t tell Peter that. Instead He says, “…What is that to you? You follow Me!” (John 21:24 ESV)

Few of us have, or likely ever will, experiences physical persecution. The question, “Master, what about her?” is still dangerously common though.

It’s as easy to compare now as it was then.

Jesus’ answer “You follow Me!” rings just as true. God calls each of us to different paths. Just like in parenting, we need to distinguish between the methods and principles of women of God.

God lays down principles in His Word. We must strive to follow those principles. But God also gives so much freedom in the methods we use to follow those principles!

Just because someone else is called to blog about certain things, or teaches her children a certain way, or knits amazingly, or cleans her house a certain way, or [insert Mrs. Jones’ wonderful talent here], doesn’t mean I need to too.

Reading about other women’s methods should inspire us as we seek to carry out the principles in God’s Word. However, we need to distinguish between the principles that we should follow and the methods that we may follow.

Likewise, we should be inspired as we witness God write a friend’s story. Yet we must remember that as the Master Storyteller, God writes each story differently and this is a glorious, beautiful thing! 

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  1. says

    Great post, Anna. It is so true. It is so easy to think, I can’t sew like her, or I’m not married so I can’t really do anything. God has a plan for each of us and He made us different for a reason. It really is beautiful when you stop comparing. 🙂

  2. says

    Anna, I read this a couple of days ago and was mulling it over in my mind a little. As a newbie blogger, I often compare myself to other bloggers and think, “Why don’t I have more followers?” or “What does she have that I don’t?” Selfish–yes, and I have to own up to it! You shared such insightful thoughts on these verses, especially that God writes each story differently. I need to remember that if He laid it on my heart to blog, He’s got a plan for how things will turn out 🙂 And for the rest of our lives too!

    • anna says

      That’s my struggle exactly. I start worrying about how many readers or comments a post is getting, instead of the true purpose of anything we as Christians should do, “Is what I’m doing glorifying God?” Thank God for His Word to remind us!

  3. Mara Wildflower says

    It’s all too easy to compare ourselves with what others are doing. I, shamefully must admit that I do it too sometimes, though I try not to. God has called each of us women to different paths in our lives, and therefore, we will blog about different issues that are effecting the season of life we are currently walking.

    My blog friend recently posted about a similar topic if you care to read it. The link is at the end of this comment. I don’t think that we are the only women who struggle with these feelings. I am sure there are many others.


    -M. Wildflower

    • anna says

      Why is it that it’s so easy to compare to others when all that really matters is what God thinks?!

      Thanks for the link Mara! What a lovely post!

  4. Sarah-Anne says

    After your comment on my post, I came over and read this…It’s so encouraging and convicting – especially the story about Peter and Jesus. Ouch…But, it’s nice to know that even Peter compared. I really desire for all us women to love one another and love where we are – but I don’t know if we ever will…Especially since I know my own frail heart.

    Such a blessing reading your post as I go to bed.

    God bless you…

    • anna says

      Thanks for stopping by Sarah-Anne! Connecting with other women online is such a blessing, but does open up the door to problems. I too pray that we can encourage one another, without comparing with each other. I’m so glad that God is so patient with us!

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