One Habit a Month: Get Dressed Before Breakfast

As I mentioned yesterday, there are many areas in my life that need to be more disciplined. Though I’d like to jump in and change them all, that inevitably leads to failure. So, instead, I plan to work on one habit each month in 2012.

My habit for January? Get dressed before breakfast. (Lofty, huh?)

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Somedays I honestly dont’ know what happens. There’s always one excuse or another. Before I know it it’s 10:00 and though the kiddos are dressed, I’m still walking around in my pajamas.

This month I plan to change that.

What about you? Is there a new habit, even if it’s small (like mine) that you are going to create this month? If so, I’l love it if you linked up or left a comment so we can encourage one another to become more disciplined women.

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  1. Kasey says

    I am working on not touching the computer until I have had my quiet time each morning with the Lord. I feel silly that I have to make sure a rule for myself, but I could let myself slip back into this!

  2. says

    Like Kasey, I’m not touching my computer until I’ve had my quiet time. I’m also beginning each morning listing all the things I am grateful for and thanking God for them.

    • anna says

      What great habits to start forming. I love the idea of starting out the day by thanking God for His many blessings. Hard to start the day out on the wrong foot that way! 🙂

  3. says

    Found your link through Raising Mighty Arrows. I love your idea of getting dressed right away in the morning. I fail at that many mornings! One habit I’m aiming to change is eating too many sweets. For the rest of January, I’m challenging myself to not eat any desserts, candy or pop. Pray for me!! 🙂

    • anna says

      What a great habit to start forming. Sweets, especially chocolate, are such a temptation to me! I will pray for you.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  4. says

    Well, since I don’t feel completely ready for a day until I’m dressed and had my quiet time, I don’t have to start with that. My habit for this month is rather small, but I need to get back into it. It’s sweeping the kitchen floor each night. Since there are no little ones here, the floor doesn’t get that messy, but if I don’t sweep every night, I don’t sweep it at all. 😛

    Thanks for doing this, Anna!

    • anna says

      Lol! I know! You wouldn’t think that getting dressed would be something that sometimes doesn’t happen around here until 10:00. But it’s changing… and I feel so much better.

      Great habit. Sweeping is part of nightly dishes for me too. (And with three little ones it *definitely* needs to be done daily!)

  5. Debbie says

    I started that this year 2013. January was do a blood sugar test as soon as I get up. Accomplished! February was to get up at 7:30. I am a night owl so would sleep until 10am or so. Accomplished!! And now March. Grocery shop on a regular basis. Not making much progress but still trying. I love this idea. It’s doable.

    • anna says

      Way to go Debbie! I’ve found the habits that I spent a dedicated time working on have been so much longer lasting! 🙂

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