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It’s been raining all day. Actually, all day the past two days. And I’ve had a cold. So have my kiddos. They’ve wanted to be held all day.

That, plus the fact that I got completely caught up in trying to fix my RSS feed [want to subscribe?] without even asking Josh for help once, is my excuse for not having posted earlier. Even though I really meant to.

Anyway, instead of a real post, here’s just a few random thoughts, because well, Monday’s almost over and I’m tired.

Photo by Krystyna Szawlowska

All that working on behind the scenes stuff takes time. Lots of it. If I hadn’t gone on and on about it, few of you will probably even notice that it’s there. But it took hours and hours (at least it felt like it did!)

This made me think about Creation. It made me think about all the tiny desert flowers that no human eye will ever see. God made them. He sees them. They declare His glory. That’s purpose enough for their existence.

Our bodies are so incredibly designed, but even with all our modern technology, we’re still discovering just how intricate they are. The blood coursing through our veins, the tiny bacteria that fight within our bodies, how much of this do you or I really know about? How much of history has been ignorant of how it all works? Yet all these tiny cells and microscopic bacteria were crafted by our Creator. Isn’t it amazing?

We work and work on a task, whether it’s making dinner or tweaking a blog, and want others to notice (at least I do.)

But God created this whole vast world. We see little bits of it. We gaze in awe at tiny fragments of it. But how much of it goes unnoticed by us humans? How many flowers bloom and die without a glance from human eyes? How much of it was created simply for the glory and pleasure of our Creator?

We’ll probably never know just how much we don’t know. We certainly know enough to stand in sheer awe of our Creator!

“The heavens declare the glory of God, and the sky above proclaims his handiwork.” Psalm 19:1, ESV

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  1. says

    I really liked this post, Anna. I’m with you in wanting others to notice the little details that take so long to do (but don’t get noticed often) 😀 . Yet, as you mentioned, if we take a moment to think of all that God created which no one pays any attention to, what do I have to complain about.

    Hope you and the kiddos are feeling better. 🙂

    • anna says

      Indeed! My mind starts to overload when I think about the vastness of His creation. And I can only grasp the tiniest part of a fraction of its wonder.

      Thanks Bekah! I think if I could get myself into bed at a reasonable hour tonight, I’ll be better in the morning!

  2. Abigael317 says

    I suddenly, randomly got a craving to change my Facebook profile picture. Then I decided I wanted a picture that was feminine and dangerous (For me, the dangerous part is weird because I often tend to fit in much with the “pacifist” stereotype/ mind set). Then, I changed my mind and wanted something that was feminine and adventurous. I Google Image searched it, and found the very first picture on the main page of your blog, with the girl holding the umbrella and her back turned to the camera and walking down the tree-lined road. I was inexplicably drawn to it and now I know why: I am a young adult (early-mid-twenties) girl who is seeking to fall in love with God, and you seem to be a young adult (I’m assuming older than me by a few years, as you have children and a husband who has graduated from law school) after a similar goal as me. I read the posts on the main page of your blog, the books you listed on your “Resources” page, and about your “One Habit A Month Challenge” and I am thoroughly inspired.
    Thanks for your blog and taking the time fairly regularly to write about your life, your thoughts, and encouraging people who read your entries.

    Do you mind if I use the picture I described above as my profile picture? I’m not planning to use it without your permission, so whenever you see this, please respond, as I really would like an answer. Thanks.

    I really enjoyed checking this out, but I want to try to achieve day four of my goal for this month, so I’m off to bed. Good night!

    Thanks again; blessings.

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