Plymouth Pilgrims: A Legacy of Gratitude

Of Plymouth Plantation, a Thanksgiving classic, is William Bradford’s firsthand account of the founding of the Plymouth colony. Reading through it, I kept waiting for the big fall feast. I expected chapter upon chapter to be devoted to the preparation and event.

Instead, I read about dozens of thanks givings.

The pilgrims made it safely acros the Atlantic. They thanked God. They made friends with the Indians and thanked God. They were given strength to care for one another during the terrible death-ridden first winter and thanked God. Their homes burned down, they shivered in the cold and they prayed. Spring came. They thanked God.

They faced difficulties beyond what I can imagine: near drowning, loss of possessions, betrayal, sickness, death of loved ones, starvation, loneliness, a strange unknown land, cold.

Yet the pilgrims thanked God constantly.

The true legacy of the pilgrims should not just be a table loaded with food and one day of giving thanks. Rather, their legacy should be a spirit of thankfulness.

Thankfulness in good times and in bad. Thankfulness for trials and blessings. Thankfulness because we worship the God who ordains all of life, even down to the minutest detail.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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