“Mama, Are You Happy?”

“Mama, are you happy,” my four year old loves to ask. She has a knack for asking just when I need the reminder. Like when I’m scrabbling to get dinner ready  before company comes or wishing I could take a nap.

“Why YES, I am,” I answer. How can I not be when I have beautiful trusting blue eyes looking up into mine.

“Mama, why are you happy? Is it because you have three little children to love?”

There’s only one right answer to that question!

photo by polishpnut 

Then we start our own version of “The Happy Game.”

Try it. You might like it as much as we do. Especially if you’re playing with a toddler! They have a wonderful ability to notice and be thankful for the many little blessings that surround us each day.

  • I am thankful for a God who loved me so much He redeemed me.
  • I get to be married to the man of my dreams. He loves me. I am very grateful.
  • I am grateful for children who decorate the carpet with cut-up magazine scraps. I am happy I get to stay home with them.
  • I have clean water to give my family to drink. I didn’t have to haul it up from a well! I even have a working refrigerator to keep it cold. I am so thankful!
  • My family has warm clothes to wear. I am happy. Especially because I didn’t have to sew them!
  • I am grateful for the weeds, sticks and leaves my toddler brings me to show his love.
What are you “happy about” today?

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  1. says

    Great post, Anna. I’ve always enjoyed the book “Pollyanna,” but as I grew older I realized all the more that being glad and thankful is a choice. I remember talking to some friends once and they were complaining about something. I remarked that they could be glad because of . . . and they gave me a “yeah right” look. Playing the “glad/happy game” really is fun. Not to mention very helpful. 🙂

    • anna says

      You remind me a lot of Pollyanna in your cheerful outlook on life! Speaking of Pollyanna, I really should read it to Rose. I think she’d love it!


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