God Knows What I Need

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I have seven younger siblings. All of them live a day’s drive away. This week I got to spend time with three of them, and have been far too busy sipping coffee, talking, watching girlie movies, playing at the park, and enjoying their company to blog much.

The day they arrived was shaping up to be a busy day. Very busy. I had to get ready for the class I tutor, go shopping, and prepare for their arrival. Plus all the daily tasks with three little ones to love, train and teach.

The list of “must dos” was long and getting longer.

Things were going well and then one of the munchkins accidentally made a large, unexpected mess (though after three children, you’d think I would just expect unexpected messes, right?)

I just really, really don’t need another mess right now, I thought.


God knows what I need. I don’t.

Sometimes I want to give Him my wish list. My list of things that I think I need:

The list is different for all of us. It’s usually full of good things, but God knows what we really need.

I need the extra mess or interrupted sleep to remind me to not trust in my own strength. To teach me to lean on Him. I’m a very slow learner. But God is patient with me and gives me lots of reminders (often through a dimpled round-faced child) because He knows what I need.

This is cause for rejoicing. Whether in petty problems or true trials, God knows what we need.

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    That reminds me of a message we heard at church a few Sundays ago about expectations and how when we expect things, no matter how small, and we don’t get them, it can bring on big problems.

    Glad you had a good time with siblings. 🙂 I’m sure they were delighted to spend time with you. And the kids. 😀

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