Natural Ear Ache Remedy

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Modern medicine has made great strides, but don’t you love it when a simple home remedy works better than a bottle of $30 antibiotic drops? It makes me stand even more in awe of Creation!

My daughter developed an awful ear ache this summer. Her ear drained so much I was sure that the ear drum had ruptured.After a reassuring doctor visit (it was *just* really bad Swimmer’s Ear) we went home armed with anti-biotic drops, confident that the ear would soon heal.

It didn’t heal.

Two weeks and two different prescriptions later, her ear was still aching, but the drainage was now curdled and yeasty! Ouch. The bacterial infection had turned into a fungal infection.

Just as I was about to head back to the doctor, my nurse midwife recommended an old home remedy: mix equal parts of rubbing alcohol and vinegar (yet another use for vinegar!)

Clean around the ear gently and add a few drops into each ear. (It’s very important that you treat both ears, even if just one is hurting. It can spread quickly!) Repeat three to four times daily until healed.

The mixture reeks (I warned you!), but instantly soothed the pain. The next day it was already looking better and within a few days her ear was completely healed.

The wonderful thing about this mixture is that it simultaneously attacks a bacterial infection and a fungal infection. One of the problems with the anti-biotic drops was that they killed the good bacteria, as well as the bad. That made it ripe for a fungal infection. The vinegar and rubbing alcohol work together to combat both a fungal and bacterial infection.

Caution: If your child’s ear is draining, take them to have it checked. Although the ear drum wasn’t ruptured in our case, usually drainage indicates a rupture. You wouldn’t want to pour vinegar into a ruptured opening!

This worked for me, what’s your favorite home remedy?

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  1. says

    I will keep this is mind. I had awful swimmer’s ear in both ears as a kid. Same thing. The drops did not work. I ended up having to get wicks put it in both ears (painful!) that would absorb the drops and then get them removed two weeks later.

    • anna says

      Hopefully you never get another ear infection, but if so, this worked really well for my daughter! Unlike the antibiotic drops, this mix soothed her ears.

  2. says

    I have a different recipe that I have used….when I wake up and my ear feels all full…at the very first sign of pressure…I take a mixture that I sell…for sinus clearing…and put just a drop on my finger and rub it along the parts of my ear I can reach. Within 5 minutes the pressure will be gone and the pain is great. For those who don’t want to make their own, you can check my facebook page (search WindyHillVanilla) and I will gladly sell you some…however…if you are cheap like me…make your own! Simply mix Ravensara, Eucalyptus, Peppermint and a touch of Spearmint essential oils! I usually mix the mints evenly…then put 1/3 ravensara, 1/3 Eucalyptus and 1/3 mixed mints in a small vial and carry it with me all winter! Great for sore throats (just rub on the outside), sore ears, stuffy noses, etc.

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