“You Can Do Anything”

“… but not everything.” ~ David Allen

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All weekend I was dying to write. To just sit down at the computer and write. But life is full, especially with three little ones that need to be taught and potty trained and fed. And we were busy. Too busy. We moved from one event to another with just enough time in between to make it look slightly less like a tornado hit the living room.

“You can do anything, but not everything.” The words have run through my mind dozens of times since reading them on Money Saving Mom.

Of course there are exceptions, but if you throw your entire being into achieving a goal, the chances of success are excellent.

None of us can do or be everything though. We must choose what is important in the calling God has given us. That is part of the challenge and joy of womanhood. Building a home is a balancing act, full of choices. If you choose to spend the afternoon nap time attempting to fix a WordPress error, you won’t have time to write a post or iron clothes.

Guilt so often plagues us: “Will my daughter suffer musically if she doesn’t start an instrument until she’s six?”

“Are the kids getting enough socialization?”

“Mrs. Jone’s son is reading Shakespeare already! We’re still on Winnie the Pooh. What are we doing wrong?”

“Will too much red food coloring kill my kid?”

Guilt can push us to do more and go more. But you can’t do everything. As Naomi from Works of Anselm beautifully puts it, we must choose not just what is best for five year old Johnny, but what is best for the whole family.

We must make time for the important duties, learn to say “no” to the unnecessary, and be at peace about the rest.

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    Even if you aren’t married and don’t have kids, you still can’t do everything. 🙂 I’ve found that out. There have been times when I wished I could, but I have to choose which are the most important.

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