Favorite Read-A-Louds

Since I seem to be stuck in the children’s room at the moment, I thought I’d share a few of our favorite books:


This is a tale of a little bird who hatched while his mother searching for food for him. He sets off to find her. After a long fruitless hunt, he is plopped back in his nest just as the mother bird flies home.

The minimalistic drawings  are adorable and the innocent bird “hero” claims sympathy instantly. Be careful though, we hadn’t read this one in a while and my toddler actually had tears running down her face while we waited to see if he would find his mother. It’s a good thing he does! Far from minimalistic, Fancy Nancy’s bedroom made me cringe. She must have at least one hundred outfits, but the story overcame my initial resistance. The theme: “‘I love you’—there isn’t a fancy, or better, way of saying that!'”

Chinese drawings and proverbs add spice to this story of two men: one wealthy and the other poor. In the end, they both realize that “peace and happiness” are greater treasures than endless bags of gold.

I have fond memories of reading this book with my mom. Illustrated with Eloise Wilkin’s charming artwork, it chronicles two siblings’ ordinary day of helping mommy. Everyday life can be an adventure too!

A classic. And so terribly funny. And like motherhood: one thing leads to another. Always.

What are some of your favorite children stories? Do you know of any good missionary or hero stories?

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