Vintage Nurse Pattern

Dress-up clothes:  creative fun, instructive play and one of the most inexpensive “toys” out there.

To make your own, gather old curtains, sheets, dresses, flannel blankets, etc from the attic, thrift store or garage sales. An old white sheet and scarlet curtain became Rosalind’s vintage Red Cross nurse outfit.

Dress-up clothes are great for fledgling sewers like me because they don’t have to be perfect. After all, they are dress-up clothes! Thankfully, she wasn’t too worried about minor imperfections, and woke up in the middle of the night asking if she could play nurse again yet!

These are the simple “patterns” I used to make an apron, cape, hat and accessories.

To keep this from becoming a dreadfully long post, I posted the patterns separately.

Vintage American Red Cross Nurse Cap

Little Girl’s Cape

Medical supplies: Of course, no nurse outfit is complete without medical supplies. Sew a red cross onto a little white bag and fill with medicine and bandages.

Medicine jar: Remove the label from a vitamin bottle. Create a new label with a permanent marker. Cover with clear packaging tape and fill with mints or their favorite treat.

For vintage bandages, use little strips of gauze.

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