Best Career Ever

I thought time passed too quickly before having children. Boy, does it hit the fast track once you are a mom! Three years have already passed since we welcomed our little princess into the world.

Those three years have been the best of my life. Despite exhausting nights, busy days and the ties that keep you from being able to “go and do” on a whim, motherhood truly is the most rewarding of careers.

As a stay at home mom we may not affect world policy or architect buildings, but instead have been given the awesome responsibility of architecting a worldview. Our lives shape the standards and create “normal.”

Motherhood’s salary doesn’t make it to the top ten highest paying, but in addition to the intrinsic rewards, staying home with the children encourages financial freedom in other ways, as Frugal Granola pointed out. When it comes to birthday celebrations, a special day with mom and simple gifts is enough to thrill a toddler.

This year, I turned a garage sale curtain and sheet into a vintage Red Cross nurse outfit. She couldn’t be more happy.

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  1. Kathy says

    Anna, you make me proud :). What a great mama you are! How fun and frugal to turn what you have into something Rosalind obviously loves!

    Makes me want to be a young mom again :). No, it’s okay to be a “young” grandma and older mama.

    I love your new blog; keep up the good work…and play!

    Love, Mama

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