Thriving in Small Places, Kitchen Edition

Welcome to my little kitchen!

A kitchen with barely three feet of counter space may work well for a bachelor, but when you have a family and make all your meals and breads and snacks from scratch, the limited space presents a challenge.

Besides the three feet of counter space, a washing machine, fridge, oven and table fill up the rest of the room snugly. At first, our new kitchen felt claustrophobic to me, but with a bit of creativity and organization, anyone can thrive in the little space.

Think up: Shelving is a great way to “add space” in a small kitchen. Joshua added a couple shelves above our table and it transformed the kitchen! Big decorative boxes are perfect for storing less used items like paper goods or snack foods, plus they add charm to the kitchen.

Glasses, jars of food and dishes all are pretty stored on shelves and free up cupboard space.

Limit the gadgets: Sort through your appliances and kitchen extras and only keep the items that are regularly useful.

Whenever possible, find multiple uses for items. For example, my big bowl doubles as the washing bowl. The large pot serves as a compost bucket when not full of soup.

Keep the counters cleared: Of course, the kitchen is the center of much of the domestic life. It is supposed to be used. But don’t permanently store items on the counters. Find an easily accessible spot for items (like the coffee maker) that are used consistently and put them away in between uses. It only takes a few seconds, but makes the kitchen more useable the rest of the day.

Do you have a small kitchen? How do you make it work for you?

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  1. Jelli says

    I too, have the tiniest of kitchens. Our landlord has only put cabinets beneath the kitchen sinks, making space a huge issue. Thankfully, here in Costa Rica, most homes have a pila or washroom. My pots and pans have landed there. Our pantry is a small open cabinet, and I pare down my kitchen things constantly to make room. It is nice in the sense that moving next month wont be too bad.

  2. says

    I have a super small kitchen with little counter space and little storage.

    It gets cluttered easily. Too easily.

    I don’t have room for food storage in my kitchen. I have one cabinet that I use for snacks and stuff, but other than that, our pantry is in the basement.

    I keep the microwave and toaster up in the kitchen as well, but my mixer, blender, toaster oven, etc. is in the basement as well.

    Thanks for sharing your small kitchen tips!

  3. Jenni / Life from the Roof says

    I love looking at little kitchens like this – even though you may disagree, I will bet that when you finally move out of this place you will look back on that time with a tender spot for that little kitchen. We lived in an apartment in a fairly dangerous area when we had our first son, but I was proud of what I made of it. I still smile when I look at pictures of it.

    • anna says

      You are so right! My husband’s clerkship ends in August and we will almost certainly be moving to a different city. As excited as I am to move somewhere slightly bigger (lol, the baby almost needs the highchair and then one of the kids will have to sit on a bucket–there isn’t room for another chair!) I am realizing just how much I will miss this little place!

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