Can You Come for Tea?

Rosalind received a play kitchen for Christmas from her grandparents and spends hours concocting play creations for us to try. Joshua often discovers he has two lunches packed, one complete with a wooden orange.

Yesterday she invited me for tea: we had shortbread topped with orange sauce. When I asked what was in her special sauce, she didn’t hesitate, “Vinegar and salt and oranges.”

Can you come for tea?

The care she takes in preparing each dish even though they are all, thankfully, tasteless, left me thinking.

If you prepare three meals a day for your family, that works out to over one thousand meals every year. That’s a lot of time in the kitchen! All evidence of dinner is usually gone within an hour, and sometimes it feels like wasted time.

But preparing home cooked meals over and over and over again is a worthwhile  service to the family. Flowers bloom in the desert where no man ever sets eyes on their beauty. The hours spent in the kitchen not only nourish our family, but should also be a simple act of service to our God, for the kitchen is part of His creative Creation.

A part that He commands us to take dominion over. As I work in my kitchen I am setting an example for her. There I can teach her how to capture wild yeasts, discover the amazing power of herbs, enjoy endless creative variety and maybe someday even get around to teaching her that vinegar doesn’t work for absolutely everything!

And finally, the hours on end she spends in her little kitchen brought home the fact that I get to do for real what she plays doing all day. Homemaking is like getting to play house all day… except we really get to taste our concoctions!

part of Tuesday unwrapped at Chatting at the Sky

photo by Gabriel Del castillo

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  1. Dayle says

    How wonderful to enjoy “tea” with your little one. I miss those special times, now that mine is all grown up.

  2. says

    Yes, now is the perfect time to model that joy for your daughters….the joy of blessing our families with good things from His hand. I love having my daughters bake and cook with me, and their enthusiasm comes so naturally. Savor those wonderful tea parties, too!

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