Home again

Be it ever so humble, few things are as comforting as coming home after a long trip away.

The munchkins and I had a wonderful time with family: scrapbooking, playing games, going to a wedding, and, of course, getting sick.

It was a busy couple weeks for Will. Not only did he learn how to crawl, but he tried many new foods.

We were so ready to meet Joshua after almost two weeks apart. Finals are over and he is a officially done with his second year!

We met in Arkansas to run a book booth at a home-school convention for good friends.  It was a busy weekend full of new faces, fun memories… and sore feet.

When we arrived home, I had just time to de-bachelorize the house before Will came down with chicken pox. Poor little guy. Crawling was forgotten. All he wanted was to be held.

Rose managed to avoid it so far but told me, “Next week, Will be better. Then I get sick and you hold me.”

I’m hoping to get back to regular blogging… if Will lets me. Holding him is definitely first priority!

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