Goldenseal for Goopy Eyes

Each time a simple natural remedy works wonders for my child, I stand in awe again of the intricate wisdom and beauty of God’s Creation.

This time, a simple cold settled in Will’s eyes and refused to leave. His eyes oozed and crusted over. Thankfully, the eyes themselves never became red, but the goopiness would NOT go away. He looked pitiful.

Fighting pink eye or allergies? Goldenseal worked wonders for my kids' goopy eyes.

I couldn’t find a good image of goldenseal, but love all these other herbs too!

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor or a nurse. The only hospital I have ever worked at is a doll hospital. There, a band-aid can cure a heart attack. Please do you own research (here are a few of my favorite resources) and seek prompt professional medical assistance for serious conditions

Goldenseal for goopy eyes

After trying Erythromycin and eye drops and not seeing any difference, a good friend recommended Goldenseal.

Goldenseal worked. Less than 24 hours after the first dose of drops, his eyes were almost completely better!

To use goldenseal for goopy eyes, lightly steep a couple goldenseal teabags. Cool until they are comfortable to the touch. Then place on the eyes for at least five minutes. (You can also make a goldenseal “tea” by adding a few drops of goldenseal tincture into warm water and placing a few drops into each eye.)

Repeat the treatment every four to five hours until the eyes are completely clear. It’s as simple as that!

(Order goldenseal tea bags  or tincture through my Amazon link or find them at your favorite health food store.)

Apparently, pink eye responds amazing well to goldenseal as well and acts, according to the herbalist Paul Bergner, “as an ‘antibiotic’ to the mucous membranes, not by killing germs directly, but by increasing the flow of healthy mucous, which contains its own innate antibiotic factors.”


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    Wow, this is good to know. My little ones just got over colds and John (for the first time ever) had goodpy eyes. I didn’t really know what to do about it except keep them clean and wait it out since we try to avoid any medicines or chemicals unless absolutely necessary.

    Thanks for sharing!

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