A Certain Future

When Joshua began this law school journey, three years stretched before us like a triathlon to a fledgling athlete. Now, after a whirl of papers, law books, growing children and hard work, Joshua is in the home stretch of his second year with just one ahead of him! Even when “the days are long … the years are short!”

For all of us, the future is a wide open canvas waiting to be painted on. Sometimes as a “student family”, with the broad details not even brushed in yet, I feel like we need to hurry up and finish school so we can get on with life. As though life means a paying job, normal work hours and a home of our own.

But as Christians, we are called to live fully where ever we are (whether single, students or established in a career) even when the next step is obscured. An apple tree may not produce fruit before we move on, but I can plant tomatoes. Today should not be wasted anticipating tomorrow’s unfolding plan.

Tying the string of unfolding days and years together is a future that is certain. A final future that should mold the present by infusing it with joy and peace and worship.

photo by Patrick Hajzler

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  1. Jenni / Life from the Roof says

    So true. And, I am planting LOTS of tomatoes this year, enjoying the huge backyard we have in the midst of a stressful 3 years of law school! 🙂

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