Creation and Evolution

In his spell-binding book Notes From The Tilt-A-Whirl N.D. Wilson breaks the “origin beliefs” down into three categories:

  • Something inanimate evolved into all that we see today: i.e. evolution
  • A Higher Power created the world from some inanimate matter: i.e. the earth is really part of the defeated god _____ (fascinating, but not a good bedtime story)
  • A Higher Power created the world from nothing: i.e. Scriptural Creation

Whatever your worldview, it falls into one of the three categories (unless of course you believe that we aren’t really here, but that presents dilemmas all its own.)

Each worldview makes demands of us: requiring wonder, hope and faith. Focusing on the first and last…

Evolution evokes wonder: the world and all we see, touch and feel was once primordial goo. That goo, thanks to indefatigable Chance and billions of years evolved in form and became flowers, birds and thinking man. Amazing!

Scriptural Creation evokes wonder: in just six days, God spoke those flowers and birds and man into existence. Amazing!

Evolution encourages hope: just as man evolved from monkeys, someday the upward progression will emerge with a fitter species and we will evolve emotionally, physically or mentally into better beings (unless we deplete the ozone layer first, of course.)

Scriptural Creation encourages hope: though man sinned against the Creator and pushed Paradise from our grasp, God sent His Son to restore hope of a coming perfect world.

Evolution demands faith: None of us have ever watched a stone transformed into a cat. (If you have, document it. I’m sure you’d win a Nobel Peace Prize) The millions of dollars and decades spent trying to recreate evolution have hardly provided compelling proof that modern stones can become cats (to the relief of our over-crowded humane societies). Even the ancient trees of the forest are too young to remember it happening in the beginning.

Scriptural Creation demands faith: Spoken words are hard to trace. Alas, tape recorders weren’t invented until Creation was long over. We have to trust a Story: the WORD made flesh.

Either worldview will shape your life. Both cannot be true. As for me, creation sings that there is a Creator. That He is God.

Photo by Revati Upadhya

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    Lovely graphic to remind us of our great creator.
    Oh the men would worship before they spend so much time trying to use their puny little brains to work out what the creator has done.

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