Absent-minded Motherhood

When introduced to a stranger who asks “So, what do you do?”, while eying the baby on my hip, the temptation arises to answer “I tutor” or bring up the work at home job I recently began, rather than give the truest answer: my job is to make a home. Those other things are just “spare time” activities.

I AM a wife. A mother. My work is soul work.

As I sank into bed last night, I realized that even though my little Rose spends most of every single day by my side, my mind is often absent, thinking about garden plans, the half a dozen things I forgot to get at the store or the book we’ll be covering in class next.

But we weren’t called just to be stay at home moms in body. Heart and soul and mind should be engaged in this high calling. To talk of God’s commands while we make bread or do the dishes. To plan out the garden together while discuss the miracle of dead seeds springing to life. To glory in the beauty of Creation together.

To be a purposeful mother, not an absent-minded one.

Part of Steady Mom’s 30 Minute Challenge and Chatting at the Sky’s Unwrapped Tuesday

photo by Theophine Sebastian

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    Well said! I know I struggle to be truly present on and off throughout the day with my little ones. But, good for you for recognizing this aspect to mothering and being proactive about thoroughly engaging with your child! I like what you said about your work being “soul work.” 🙂

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    Yes! Yes! Yes! How much we miss in our beautiful lives as wives and mothers when we choose not to be intentional….it can be exhausting at times, but being in the right here right now bears a life that is rich and full and lived for His glory. Your children will rise up and call you blessed!

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    I’ve always been an absentminded person, but lately I think the Lord is bothering me more about it in the way I relate to my kids. It’s almost scary how fast my brain can zoom off in another direction while they’re talking about something that’s important to them but fails to engage my own interest.

    Your post touched my heart. Thank yoU!

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